2021 NFL Free Agency: 4 Teams That Could Sign TY Hilton

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The 2021 NFL free agency period starts next week, and the wide receiver class is one of the strongest groups of players. One of the more interesting players in that class is TY Hilton. Hilton, now 31, is coming off a strong finish to the 2020 season. While he has not been the same player we saw just three seasons ago, Hilton could provide a great veteran presence to any team. Hilton still has a ton of speed with consistent hands and knows how to win. The former Indianapolis Colt should have a lot of suitors come March 15th.

2021 NFL Free Agency: Potential Best Fits for TY Hilton

Indianapolis Colts

So this option is truly the most boring, but it does seem very likely. Hilton has been a career Colt, loves the city, the fans, and loves the team. The Colts also have every reason to bring him back as they just traded for Carson Wentz and will need to give him good and reliable weapons on the outside.

Reports about Hilton are conflicting as some say he’d love to be back in Indy and others say he’s going to test the market. But it’s hard to imagine Hilton and the Colts not agreeing to a deal. With a new quarterback in the fold, it would be smart of the team to keep all its weapons. This seems like a no-brainer, but Hilton could very well test his worth.

New England Patriots

This list is in no particular order, but the New England Patriots should be offering every wide receiver a contract in the 2021 NFL free agency period. All signs point to the Patriots having a different starting quarterback next season and what better way to help that new QB than a good veteran wide receiver. It’s no secret that New England undervalues the wide receiver position, but sooner or later they have to get a good one. Who better than a veteran player with winning experience like T.Y Hilton?

Hilton fits the mold of a Patriot too as someone who would be willing to work hard and take on a leadership role in the young wide receiver room. While I do think this pairing is unlikely due to Bill Belicheck’s reluctance to acquire great receiver talent. I have to imagine the Pats have been doing their homework on skill position players to help whoever their quarterback is going to be. It will be interesting to see what price tag Hilton commands, and if it’s cheap, New England could be all over it in the 2021 NFL free agency.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just won the Super Bowl and had great talent at wide receiver. But with Antonio Brown being a free agent, and the Bucs potentially losing him, they may need someone to fill that role. Hilton makes a ton of sense. He would compliment Mike Evans and would bring a field-stretching element the Bucs would love to have. He is also a player who might take a cheaper deal to play with a contender and be in a place he can contribute.

There are a lot of talented wide receivers in the 2021 NFL free agency class, but Hilton could be a cheap and reliable option. The Buccaneers should give a good look at Hilton, especially if Brown doesn’t return.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are another team that should be calling a lot of the wide receivers in the 2021 NFL free agency class. While the team does not have a lot of money to work with, Hilton might not require a ton. While we don’t know the market for Hilton, this might be another situation where he takes a discount to play with a contending team. It is unknown what Hilton’s intentions are.

With all that being said, Hilton would be an immediate upgrade on the outside or in the slot for Green Bay. Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdez-Scantling are good players, but both were inconsistent. Hilton would provide immediate leadership and more consistent hands to the Green Bay Packer’s offense. While he would not solve the long-term problem he would be a great player to add for a season or two.


TY Hilton should command some interest from several teams. It will be interesting to see if his price is driven up by a bunch of franchises competing for him. He could make a big impact for a championship contender and will be a coveted veteran presence.

However, it’s truly hard to see a situation where the Colts let him go, as he has been a staple in their organization for years and brings great help for new quarterback Carson Wentz. To me, Hilton is the most polarizing player in the 2021 NFL free agency class, due to the production he could bring, but also the question marks he still has.

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