MLB History: Babe Ruth Calls His Shot

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Babe Ruth calling his shot is one of the most well-known stories in MLB history. It is a scene that is any baseball player’s dream. In a World Series game, Ruth took his first two pitches from Chicago Cubs pitcher, Charlie Root, then the unthinkable happened. The Great Bambino held his bat up and pointed to the bleachers in deep centerfield. On the very next pitch, Ruth crushed the ball right into the same spot he pointed to.

One of the Best Scenes in MLB History

Picture this. October baseball is going on, game three of the World Series is in the middle of the fourth inning and the Yankees best hitter is up. He takes two pitches then calls his shot, following it with a monstrous blast. Fans are losing their mind as the Great Bambino rounds the bases, as they have witnessed one of the best moments in MLB history.

Could this happen in today’s game? Probably not. With the emergence of ‘unwritten rules’ and some fiery attitudes, if a player were to call their shot, they might want to tighten the screws on their helmet. But as player empowerment and the ‘Let the Kids play’ initiative reigns on, this is becoming more of a possibility.

Root’s Rebuttal

Now there are two sides to every story, and when it comes to being on the wrong side of a monumental moment in MLB history, of course, there will be a dispute. Pitcher Charlie Root disputed the claim that Ruth called his shot.

Root insisted that Ruth held his bed up to indicate that he had one strike left. Root and the Cubs bench heckled Ruth throughout the at-bat, including when Ruth supposedly held his bat up in a similar style after the first strike.

As a player, Babe Ruth loved the limelight, so calling his shot after getting heckled would not come as a surprise. But to Root and the Cubs, it is still in question.

After the Home Run

If you hit one of the biggest home runs in MLB history, there is going to be a celebration. As Ruth rounded the bases, he made motions towards the Cubs bench. Calling a shot along with some egregious celebration directed towards the opposing bench can call for danger in the next at-bat, and that is exactly how Root felt.

Charlie Root came out and said that if he thought Ruth was calling his shot, the next pitch would have hit a Yankee player in the head.

Was It Calling His Shot or Just Another Gesture?

One of the most recognized moments in MLB history is rebutted by many. With both sides making claims to support their team and self, a deeper dive could be done to bust this baseball myth. But with the lack of technology in the ’30s and most of the players that saw the moment being passed on, it is just a word of mouth story for now.

Ruth was a boisterous talent during his playing days, so it certainly fits his mold. On the flipside, Root was also a fiery personality and does not believe that Babe called his shot. With questions surrounding the legendary moment in MLB history, was the Babe truly calling his shot?

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