Jordan Binnington Signs Lucrative Six-Year Contract

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The starting goalie for the St. Louis Blues has agreed to play for the team for at least six more seasons. Jordan Binnington has finally been rewarded for all his effort in helping guide the Blues to a Stanley Cup championship in his rookie season, getting the Blues into the playoffs in 2020, and getting his team off to an impressive start in the 2021 season.

His new contract will ensure that he continues to put on the Blues sweater for the next six seasons and he will be paid six million dollars each season. Binnington has certainly done his part in helping the Blues be a successful franchise and his hard work is finally being recognized with this contract.

Breakdown of the Binnington Contract

The new contract is rather straightforward. As previously mentioned the contract is six years long and he will be making six million dollars in each season but Binnington also has no-trade clauses and modified no-trade clauses in the contract. The first three years of the contract have a full no-trade clause which means that Jordan Binnington can’t be traded to any other franchise in the NHL without his consent.

Years four, five, and six all have modified no-trade clauses which means that Binnington will have to submit a list of teams that he wishes to not be traded to. The first time he will have to submit this list is in the fourth year of the contract and he will have to list 18 teams he wishes not to be traded to. In the fifth year of the contract, he will submit a list of 14 teams and in the final year of his contract, he will submit a list of 10 teams. 

It is a fair deal for both parties as Binnington is getting the big bucks that a good starting goalie deserves. For the Blues, it is fair, as they have locked up their starting goalie of now and the future. He will continue to play at a high level and maybe even bring another Stanley Cup back to St. Louis.

Jordan Binnington scoops up a puck ahead of a game against the LA Kings. Photo courtesy of Dinur Blum

What Has Binnington Done To Deserve the Contract?

Since playing for the Blues on a full-time basis, Binnington has been fantastic. In his first year, he was called up to the NHL about halfway through the season. At the time, the Blues were in last place in the entire league. Immediately after Binnington started to play, the Blues fortunes turned around and made an incredible run to make the playoffs.

Jordan Binnington skates around before a game. Photo courtesy of Dinur Blum

In the regular season, Binnington played 32 games and had a save percentage of .927 to go along with his 1.89 goals-against average. In the playoffs, Binnington continued his strong play as he led the Blues to a Stanley Cup championship. In the playoffs, he played in 26 games and had a .914 save percentage and a 2.46 goals-against average.

In his sophomore season, Binnington became the bonafide starting goalie of the Blues. He played in 50 games and had a solid .912 save percentage to go along with his 2.56 goals-against average.

During his third season in the NHL, goaltending was the main issue for the Blues but Binnington has been the saving grace of the goaltending situation for the Blues. Statistics show that this is his worst season as he only has a .908 save percentage and a 2.69 goals-against average. Despite the poor statistics, he has helped earn 21 of the Blues 32 points.

Jordan Binnington interacts with some fans. Photo courtesy of Dinur Blum

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Binnington has accomplished some quite impressive things in his career, including guiding his team to a Stanley Cup championship in his rookie season. It is a fair deal for both sides as each party benefits from the contract. With promising statistics and a bright future for the rest of the team, the Blues should be a menace in the western conference for many years to come.

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