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Another edition of the Overtime Heroics: Cheap Seats Chatter Podcast is live now on Spotify. This edition features writers Cole Raines, Mathias Altman-Kurosaki and Alex Clark as they draft teams of fictional characters.

Every baseball fan has wondered what it would be like to have all the players from each popular baseball universe together for a pick-up game. Today’s discussion on Cheap Seats Chatter goes to that fictional universe to draft the best teams from the realm of fiction.

There were a few rules for drafting teams. The main rule is that every drafted player had to be fictional with little exception. For example, you would be able to draft Gus Matthews from The Benchwarmers but not Reggie Jackson just because he is in the movie.

The second rule is that all players had to be from fairly well known franchises/fan bases. This limited the crew from drafting players like Stitch from MLB Power Pros or Pepe Alazar from MLB The Show.

For the draft, each GM drafted a player for each defensive position, a designated hitter, a starting pitcher and a closer then finishing with the coach.

Here is a brief synopsis of each manager’s draft strategy along with their fictional team name:

Cole Raines: The Lollygaggers

Cole’s main strategy was to take highly recognizable names and pair them with absolute studs. Having recognizable names that can bring people into the seats and still produce makes way for the less recognizable characters to mash their way to victory.

Mathias Altman-Kurosaki: The Junior Bombers

MAK’s main strategy going into the draft was to attack the positions with the least amount of depth but still had obscene levels of talent. Once those positions were filled, he chose from the remaining talent which, hypothetically, should still be very strong.

Alex Clark: The Humongous Melon Heads

Alex’s strategy revolved around drafting the best available at the start to nab as much possible talent as possible. Once the best were off the board early, he focused on a couple of franchises to maximize chemistry between the players.

Each Cheap Seats Chatter manager has their own draft strategy and came away with dream lineups that all have the ability to produce at a high level. Regardless, a baseball game with all three of these teams would be a game that would sell out faster than the Playstation 5. Make sure to vote on which overall roster is better on Twitter @OTH_CheapSeats.

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