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Raiders Quarterbacks: Top 5 All-Time

The Las Vegas Raiders have won three Super Bowls and appeared in five and have had some excellent quarterbacks lead them to those Super Bowls. One of them is in the Hall of Fame. Here are the top five Raiders quarterbacks in Raiders’ franchise history.

Top Five Raiders Quarterbacks

No.5 | Derek Carr

At number five we have Derek Carr. Statistically, Carr is the best quarterback, but his record at the start is not good. Some of it is not his fault, but he does carry some of the blame. Carr has passed for 26,896 passing yards in seven seasons, which is suitable for the most in Raiders team history. He also holds the record for most completions (2,468), touchdowns (170), and completion percentage (64.4). Carr is at top of all statics of all Raiders quarterbacks.

Carr has passed for 4,000 yards or more in three straight seasons and has made three Pro Bowls. But his 47-63 record does not allow him to go any high on this list. Carr still has many more years left. If he continues to play well and the Raiders start winning games and making the playoff, he could climb on the Raiders quarterbacks rankings list.

No.4 | Daryle Lomonica

Daryle Lamonica led the Raiders to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1967, but the Raiders lost to the Green Bay Packers 33-14. Lamonica was known for his passes down the field, which earned him the nickname “The Mad Bomber.” While with the Raiders, Lamonica passed for 16,655 yards and 148 touchdowns. He also led the Raiders to three AFL titles. The Mad Bomber was a true gunslinger who loved to throw the ball down the field and play the type of football Al Davis loved, the vertical passing game.

No.3 | Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon played some of his best football late in his career while with the Raiders. Gannon took over as the Raiders quarterback in 1999 under Jon Gruden. Running the west coast offense was perfect for Gannon. Under Gruden, Gannon appeared in four straight Pro Bowls and was a two-time All-Pro. He also won the league MVP in 2002, when he led the Raiders to a Super Bowl. During his MVP season, Gannon passed for 4,689 passing yards. The former Kansas City Cheifs quarterback led the Raiders to a 45-29 record when he was a starter. Gannon was fun to watch, as he could scramble and make clutch throws from various angles. He’s more than deserving to be ranked third amongst Raiders quarterbacks history.

No.2 | Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett was another quarterback that revived his career with the Raiders. While with this franchise, Plunkett led them to 38-19 and two Super Bowl victories over the Philadelphia Eagles and the then, Washington Redskins. Plunkett was Comeback Player of the Year in 1980, and in the same season, he won Super Bowl MVP, passing for 261 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles.

It was good to see Plunkett thrive with the Raiders after struggling with the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. The former first-round draft pick proved why he was worthy of the first pick for with Raiders.

No.1 | Ken Stabler

The number one spot belongs to, “The Snake,” Ken Stabler. He spent ten years with the Raiders and passed for 19,078 yards which is second in Raiders history. Stabler was first for a while before Carr passed him. Also, Stabler passed for 150 touchdown passes. In the 1976 season, Stabler led the Raiders to their first Super Bowl win over the Minnesota Vikings 32-14. The left-hander was 69-26-1 while with the Raiders and earned four Pro Bowl appearances. There is no question that The Snake is the best quarterback in Raiders history. It was exciting to see Stabler make the Hall of Fame, but unfortunately, the great Raiders quarterback passed away before receiving the nod.

The top five Raiders quarterbacks are pretty much set in stone, however, Carr could move up. With that said, it will take some wins and playoff appearances for him to be at the top five Raiders quarterbacks.

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Raiders Quarterbacks
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Raiders Quarterbacks.

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