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2021 Colorado Rockies: Make or Break Season for Rodgers

There isn’t much that is riding on the 2021 Colorado Rockies season. The only person that is in the hot seat is Brendan Rodgers. With a rocky start in his first few years this year the Rockies need him. After moving Ryan McMahon to 3B to replace Nolan Arenado, second base is completely open and if Rodgers can step up that would be huge for the club. The spring is looking good for the young prospect but can he keep it going through the regular season?

2021 Colorado Rockies: Brendan Rodgers Seasons

2019 Season

Brendan Rodgers played for Albuquerque and Colorado in 2019. For Albuquerque, he had a great season. He had a .350 BA .413 OBP, and a .622 SLG. He also had nine home runs and 21 runs batted in. This was a good season for Rodgers in AAA. This is why he was called up and allowed to play in the MLB.

In 2019, Rodgers played in his first 25 MLB games. In those 25 games, he had an average of .224, .272 OBP, and a .250 SLG. He also had 27 strikeouts in 81 plate appearances and four walks.


The 2019 season was solid for Rodgers. It was his first time in the MLB and he hit over a .200. His on-base percentage was almost .275 which is good too. Overall, it was a good start for a young player and it showed that he might be ready in the next few years.

2020 Season

The weird 2020 season was Rodger"s second opportunity to make some noise with the Rockies. He had a .095 in both BA and OBS. He also had a .143 SLG and a .238 OPS. He only had 6 strikeouts with two doubles and a triple. The only thing that messed up his stats is the low 21 plate appearances that he had.

The 2020 season was not well for Rodgers. It doesn"t help that he only played in seven games and got 21 at-bats. With someone that was showing some promise in 2019, it would have been nice to see more of him and actually seen what his stats could have been. Overall even with 21 attempts, only two hits don"t look good at all and he has a huge hill to climb after that horrific season last year.

2021 Season

Rodgers is having a good 2021 spring training. He has played in 10 games and is hitting a .348 BA, with a .400 OBP, and a .652 SLG. In his short spring, he has also hit two home runs with a double and four strikeouts. He is looking a lot better this spring. He seems more comfortable and taking good at-bats.

This is the Brendan Rodgers that Colorado needs. He is starting to look like the first-rounder that Colorado was hoping for. If Rodgers keeps it up he will hopefully make the opening day roster.

Comeback Kid

Rodgers has had some glimpse of greatness in his two MLB seasons. If spring training shows us what we should expect for the 2021 season, then Rockies fans should be excited. The Rodgers that is showing up in spring is the first-round pick that the Rockies expected. He can win the second base job and hopefully help this infield that took a huge hit at the beginning of the year.

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