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2021 KC Royals: Pros and Cons of Bobby Witt Jr on MLB Roster

The 2021 KC Royals are off to a hot start this spring with the best record in the Cactus League. One of the biggest highlights this spring has been Bobby Witt Jr. and the ways he has impacted the team. Witt Jr. was drafted with the second pick of the 2019 draft by the Kansas City Royals out of High School.

Since then, he has played just a season of rookie ball and did not fare too well at the plate. Since then, Witt Jr. put on a show at summer camp last July. This spring, Witt Jr. has homered multiple times and has flashed the leather in the field as well. Royals fans are drooling over every play made by him and really want to see him suit up April 1st for the 2021 KC Royals.

With three home runs this spring, Witt Jr. has shown he can hit off MLB caliber pitchers. Despite this, he has yet to play in the minors since 2019. Here are the pros and cons of putting Bobby Witt Jr. on the opening day roster for KC.

2021 KC Royals: Excitement for the Fans

Since the day he was drafted, fans have hyped up Bobby Witt Jr. as the next superstar in KC. Some have compared him to be the “Patrick Mahomes" of MLB once he gets the call to the show. Witt Jr. has the tools to be a superstar once he gets into the big leagues and fans are very excited to see him play.

The Royals have struggled to get back to the playoffs since their 2015 World Series victory over the New York Mets. Since then, the club has had multiple 100-plus loss seasons and has been eliminated by late July.

With Witt Jr. on the roster in 2021 and with limited fans returning to Kauffman Stadium, fans would be love to see this rookie make his MLB debut or even catch one of his during his rookie season. A young rookie with all the hype would help keep fans interested in the club even though they may be out of the playoff race early in the season.

Con: Service Time and Early Season Struggles

Service time is always a hot topic when it comes to calling up top prospects in any organization. Back in 2011, Ned Yost really wanted Salvador Perez on the opening day roster, but Yost did not get Salvy on the roster till later in the season. Manipulating service time will always be apart of baseball no matter what. Earlier this year, Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore said that they will not wait to pull the trigger on a player that is MLB ready but will not rush them.

Bobby Witt Jr. has only played 37 games of rookie ball back in 2019 and has not seen any other level of play since. Double-A and Triple-A are the most likely destinations for Witt Jr. after this spring despite his success in Spring Training.

Let"s say the 2021 KC Royals call up Witt Jr. to the Majors in April, and he struggles throughout his first month or two in the bigs, what does the club do then? Do they admit they rushed this prospect after a month of play in spring ball? Do they send him down to Double-A or Triple-A? Will this mess with Witt Jr"s mindset if he struggles in the Major Leagues before he hits his full potential?

Those are lots of questions that could be answered in the next couple of months if KC decides to commit to Witt Jr during the 2021 season.

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