2021 Colorado Rockies: Ryan Spilborghs Interview

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I had a chance to talk to former Rockies player and current Rox broadcaster, Ryan Spilborghs, to get his thoughts on the 2021 Colorado Rockies season. I asked him five questions about the 2021 Rockies. Since he is now one of the guys that cover the Rockies for AT&T Sportsnet, he has great insight into the team.

The 2021 Colorado Rockies: Ryan Spilborghs Interview

What Is Your Prediction for the 2021 Rockies Season?

Spilborghs said he isn’t a big fan of making predictions, but he did offer this about the NL West: “The Rockies have a really tough hill to climb. The Dodgers are probably going to win 95-97 games. [The] Padres are right in that mix too. The Giants have gotten better. It’s going to be tough.”

He also talked about how this is going to be a “growth year” for the Rockies. He finishes this question on a high note stating, “Don’t fall asleep on people that have something to prove.”

I agree with Spilborghs with this being a learning year. Get some of your guys more experience and try to find some diamonds in the rough. The only good thing about being an underdog before the season is that no one expects you do to anything. Ryan McMahon talked about shocking the MLB. The 2021 Colorado Rockies can shock the MLB this year.

Who Do You Think Will Get a Shot at Third Base? Will There Be a Battle for Any Positions?

Spilborghs starts the answer to this question with the end of the last one, reiterating his point about how not to fall asleep on people. He continues this quote by stating, “The Rockies have a lot of position players where it is time to prove it.”

He says confidently that McMahon is going to play third base. There is another position that is wide open, though – second base. One possible player that Spilborghs suggests could take that spot is Brendan Rodgers. “It’s time for him to get better. It’s time for him to stay healthy and live up to his potential.”

Hearing Spilborghs saying that third base is all McMahon’s almost confirms that Josh Fuentes is locked in at first, leaving second base as the biggest position battle for the Rockies. I wholeheartedly agree that Rodgers can be a great player and someone that can step up for the 2021 Colorado Rockies.

Are There Any Prospects in the Farm System You Are Excited About?

With regard to the farm system, Spilborghs talked about how weird last year was. “[It’s] hard to look too deep into the farm system, since the minor leagues didn’t play last year. A bunch of guys are either gonna surprise us or suffered from getting better because of a lack of opportunities.”

It’s hard to tell what the year off will do to at least some of the minor league players. We will have to wait and see if what they did on their own will make them better, or if some people might slip from the year off.

Which Guy(s) Should We Should Keep an Eye on During Spring Training?

“Two keys to watch would be Brendan Rodgers proving he’s a big leaguer, and see the growth of Austin Gomber since he was the main piece of the Nolan trade.” This was the second time that he mentioned Rodgers in this interview so there are certainly some high hopes for the young player.

I agree that Rodgers needs to step it up since he’s been the top prospect for a couple of years now. He needs to try to win the second base role and live up to his potential.

With regard to Gombert, it would be crazy if something good came from the Nolan Arenado deal. Gombert could be the Rockies’ fifth man in the starting rotation. If you combine him with the other four, the Rox may have a really good starting five. That may be enough to help ease some of the pain for Rockies fans still lamenting over the Arenado trade.

What Is Your Favorite Rockies Memory?

Spilborghs said that playing for the Rockies was always a joy for him, but he talked about Todd Helton providing Spilborgh’s fondest memory. “My favorite moment of all time was Todd Heltons’ homerun off of (Takashi) Saito.”

He talked about how they hadn’t had a hit on Saito all year, then suddenly Matt Holliday hit a single, followed by Helton’s walk-off. Spilborghs finishes the quote by saying, “My favorite memory of all time wasn’t even my memory, It was someone else’s, and that is why we love Todd so much.”

This was one of the best answers I have ever heard. It was amazing to hear him talk about one of his favorite memories being Todd Heltons’ walk-off. It shows you the type of person Spilborghs is, and also what Helton meant to the Rockies.

Ryan Spilborghs is one of the nicest people I have ever talked to, and he was even better to interview. He is a down-to-earth guy, that has a lot of knowledge about the Rockies. I am thankful for the opportunity to pick his brain a little and get some more information on what fans might expect from the 2021 Colorado Rockies Season.

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