2021 MLB Rankings: Left Field 10-1

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2021 MLB Rankings: 30 days of MLB rankings! In this series, we will be ranking every projected starting player for the 2021 season at each in position, each in three parts. On day eighteen of this series, we’ll look at the top ten left fielders in MLB.

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2021 MLB Rankings: 10-6

10. Clint Frazier, New York Yankees 2020: NR

2020: 39 games, .267/.394/.511 splits, .905 OPS, 8 Home Runs, 26 RBIs

Clint Frazier finally got the chance to see regular playing time and took advantage of the opportunity in 2020. Heading into 2021, Frazier is projected to be an everyday starter for the first time in his career. Frazier has great power and plate vision as he draws a ton of walks. It will be interesting to see if he can replicate his 2020 success in 2021. 

9. Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Toronto Blue Jays 2020: 18

2020: 57 games, .308/.348/.534 splits, .882 OPS, 11 Home Runs, 33 RBIs

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. has flown under the radar and been an excellent option for Toronto over the past two seasons. Gurriel Jr. does a great job at hitting for average while showing off some power as well in 2020. He needs to work on his defense and draw more walks, but Gurriel Jr. does not get the attention he deserves.  

8. Tommy Pham, San Diego Padres 2020: 6

2020: 31 games, .211/.312/.312 splits, .624 OPS, 3 Home Runs, 12 RBIs

2020 was a year to forget for Tommy Pham, who struggled in 31 games as he suffered from the after-effects of COVID-19, however, he doesn’t fall too far, given the nature of the shortened season. Pham has solid power and elite speed, making him a 20-20 candidate in a full year. Hopefully, Pham can get back on track in 2021.  

7. Eddie Rosario, Cleveland Indians 2020: 4

2020: 57 games, .257/.316/.476 splits, .792 OPS, 13 Home Runs, 42 RBIs

After spending the first six years of his career with the Twins, Eddie Rosario heads to Cleveland, where he will play left field. Rosario is one of the more underrated outfielders as he has great power and decent speed. He’s even improved defensively, posting an Rdrs of 3 in 2020. Rosario was a sneaky good pickup for Cleveland in 2021. 

6. Randy Arozarena, Tampa Bay Rays 2020: NR

2020: 23 games, .281/.382/.641 splits, 1.022 OPS, 7 Home Runs, 11 RBIs

Is this a bit premature? Maybe. Seeing what Randy Arozarena did in the 2020 playoffs though, how can he not be ranked this high? Despite only having 42 MLB games under his belt, Arozarena was the breakout star of the 2020 playoffs as he won the ALCS MVP. In 18 playoff games, Arozarena hit 10 home runs while recording a ridiculous OPS of 1.219.  

2021 MLB Rankings: 5-1

5. A.J. Pollock, Los Angeles Dodgers 2020: NR

2020: 55 games, .276/.314/.566 splits, .881 OPS, 16 Home Runs, 34 RBIs

Having been derailed by injuries throughout his career, A.J. Pollock finally stayed healthy and re-gained his all-star form in 2020. Playing 55 games and seeing regular playing time, Pollock hit 16 home runs in the heart of a potent Dodgers’ lineup. With Enrique Hernandez now in Boston, Pollock should be the everyday left fielder for Los Angeles in 2021. 

4. Michael Brantley, Houston Astros 2020: 3

2020: 46 games, .300/.364/.476 splits, .840 OPS, 5 Home Runs, 22 RBIs

Even in a down year, Michael Brantley still put up great numbers for the Astros. An ideal leadoff hitter, Brantley does a great job at hitting for average while providing occasional power as well. Defensively, he’s well above league-average as well, having posted an Rdrs of 5 in 2020. As long as he can stay healthy, Brantley is a great option in left in 2021 at age 34.  

3. Dominic Smith, New York Mets 2020: NR

2020: 50 games, .316/.377/.616 splits, .993 OPS, 10 Home Runs, 42 RBIs

One of the breakout stars in 2020, Dominic Smith, came out of nowhere to become an MVP candidate in 2020. While his natural position is first base, Smith will play left field in 2021, with Pete Alonso at first. Smith has great power and does a great job at getting on base as well. While his defense needs some work, Smith has an extremely bright future heading into his age 26 season.  

2. Marcell Ozuna, Atlanta Braves 2020: 13

2020: 60 games, .338/.431/.636 splits, 1.067 OPS, 18 Home Runs, 56 RBIs

The single toughest decision I had to make was between Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich. No one wants to see a tie, and at the end of the day, I went with Yelich, given what he produced in a full season in 2018 and 2019. Regardless, Ozuna was outstanding in 2020, leading the NL in home runs and runs batted in, and finishing second in OPS. Ozuna re-signing on a four-year $65M deal is an absolute steal for the Atlanta Braves.  

1. Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers 2020: 1 

2020: 58 games, .205/.356/.430 splits, .786 OPS, 12 Home Runs, 22 RBIs

While 2020 was a down year for Christian Yelich, the 2018 NL MVP still earns the top spot on the ranking. After an awful start to the season, Yelich came on strong late, helping his stats look somewhat decent. As long as he can stay healthy, there’s no reason to believe that Yelich can’t return to his all-star form. 2020 was a very flukey year for him.

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