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Week 11 NBA Power Ranking

Week 11 NBA Power Ranking! This week we’ll be looking at every team’s biggest concern for the rest of the season.

*Stats and scores from games on 3/16/21 are not included. 

NBA Power Ranking: 1-10

1. Brooklyn Nets Record: 27-13 Previous: 1

Now riding a five-game winning streak, the Brooklyn Nets keep the top spot for the second straight week. Injuries are the biggest concern for this team; Spencer Dinwiddie is out for the year, while Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin remain out.  

2. Philadelphia 76ers Record: 27-12 Previous: 5

First in the East, Philadelphia moves up as they are riding a five-game winning streak, despite losing Joel Embiid to a knee injury. Like the Nets, Philly’s biggest concern is their MVP candidate’s health, as Embiid is expected to miss 2-3 weeks.  

3. Phoenix Suns Record: 26-12 Previous: 3

The Phoenix Suns have been the hottest team in the West over the past three weeks as they went 4-1 in week 10, most notably beating the Lakers. However, since Devin Booker has never made the playoffs, Phoenix’s biggest concern is their inexperience. 

4. Utah Jazz Record: 28-10 Previous: 2

The Jazz have finally hit a bump in the road as they went 1-3 in week ten, with their only win coming against Houston. While the Jazz have been lights out shooting threes, their biggest concern has to be whether or not that can hold up come playoff time.  

5. Los Angeles Lakers Record: 26-13 Previous: 4

The Lakers had an up-and-down week without Anthony Davis, going 2-2 in week 10, with wins against Golden State and Indiana. The team has not been the same without AD, so the Lakers’ biggest concern has to be whether or not Davis can stay healthy. 

6. Milwaukee Bucks Record: 25-14 Previous: 6

The Bucks have quietly played exceptionally well as of late, currently riding a four-game win streak. In past seasons, Giannis Antetokounmpo has gotten exposed in the playoffs, so Milwaukee’s biggest concern is how he can perform when the games matter most.  

7. Denver Nuggets Record: 23-16 Previous: 8

The Nuggets move up one spot as they played great in week ten, winning four of five matchups. After Jerami Grant left, Denver’s bench has struggled, and their biggest concern is whether or not they have enough talent from their second unit.  

8. Los Angeles Clippers Record: 26-15 Previous: 7

The Clippers have taken a step back from the rest of the West’s elite teams as they went 2-3 last week, now 2-4 in their previous six. Nicolas Batum has been inconsistent, so the Clippers’ most significant concern is whether or not they need to upgrade at power forward.  

9. Miami Heat Record: 21-18 Previous: 11

The Miami Heat have entirely rebounded from their awful start as they are now winners of ten of their last eleven games. Jimmy Butler has battled an ankle injury, so Miami’s most significant concern has to be regarding whether or not everyone can stay healthy.  

10. Portland Trail Blazers Record: 22-16 Previous: 9

The Blazers have remained in contention in the West as they went 3-2 last week, with wins over Golden State, Sacramento, and Minnesota. With Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum hurt, Portland’s biggest concern is whether or not Damian Lillard has enough help around him. 

NBA Power Ranking: 11-20

11. Boston Celtics Record: 20-18 Previous: 16

The Celtics have rebounded from their mid-season struggles as they went 3-1 in week ten, now 5-1 in their last six games. Despite their recent success, Boston’s bench is still a considerable concern, and it will be interesting to see if Danny Ainge makes a trade.  

12. San Antonio Spurs Record: 20-16 Previous: 10

While LaMarcus Aldridge remains away from the team, the Spurs had a decent week in week ten, going 3-3. The Spurs’ biggest concern at the moment is regarding what they can reasonably get out of Aldridge in a trade as he is having the worst year of his career at age 35.  

13. Dallas Mavericks Record: 20-18 Previous: 15

Dallas moves up two spots in the rankings after they went 3-2 last week, with wins over Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Denver. On the fringe of being contenders, the Mavericks’ most significant concern is whether or not Luka Doncic has enough help to make the playoffs.  

14. Charlotte Hornets Record: 20-18 Previous: 18

The Hornets have reached their highest mark of the season as they went 4-0 last week, now 10-5 in their last fifteen games. While LaMelo Ball has been incredible, their biggest concern is whether or not their success will hold out over the rest of the season. 

15. New York Knicks Record: 20-20 Previous: 13

Despite a 2-3 week, the Knicks remain in the East’s playoff position, currently positioned as the seventh seed. While the Knicks have a great defense, the team’s biggest concern is whether or not they have sufficient scoring.  

16. Golden State Warriors Record: 20-20 Previous: 12

The Warriors drop four spots in the rankings as they have struggled recently, now 1-5 in their last six games. With Klay Thompson out for the year, Golden State’s most significant concern remains whether or not the team has enough help around Steph Curry.  

17. Atlanta Hawks Record: 19-20 Previous: 22

The Hawks make the biggest jump in this week’s ranking as they went 5-0 in week ten, and are now back in playoff position. With a new head coach, Atlanta’s biggest concern is whether or not they can play well enough to earn a playoff spot. 

18. Memphis Grizzlies Record: 17-19 Previous: 17

The Grizzlies hit another bump in the road in week ten as they went 2-4, with both their wins coming against Washington. With Jaren Jackson Jr. still yet to play this year, Memphis’s biggest concern is whether or not he’ll be able to return.  

19. Chicago Bulls Record: 17-20 Previous: 21

The Bulls remain somewhat in contention for a playoff position as they went 2-2 in week ten, with wins against New Orleans and Toronto. Their biggest concern has to be whether or not they decide to deal Zach LaVine and commit to a rebuild.  

20. New Orleans Pelicans Record: 17-22 Previous: 20

After three straight losses, the Pelicans earned back-to-back wins in week ten against the Cavaliers and Clippers. The Pelicans’ biggest concern is what they can get for Lonzo Ball and JJ Redick, who are likely to get traded at this year’s deadline.  

NBA Power Ranking: 21-30

21. Toronto Raptors Record: 17-22 Previous: 14

The Raptors suffered a disastrous week in week ten, going 0-5, dropping out of playoff position and seven spots in our rankings. Their biggest concern is at the center position, where they will likely have to trade for an upgrade at the deadline if they want to make the playoffs.  

22. Indiana Pacers Record: 17-21 Previous: 19

Despite the return of Caris LeVert, the Pacers continue to fall down the rankings as they went 2-3 in week ten. Their biggest concern is on the injury front; once TJ Warren returns, will they be able to compete and become a legitimate contender?  

23. Oklahoma City Thunder Record: 17-22 Previous: 24

The Thunder gained a bit of momentum in week ten as they went 3-2 with wins against San Antonio, Dallas, and Memphis. With Sam Prestie committed to acquiring draft picks, OKC’s biggest concern is regarding what they can get in exchange for George Hill. 

24. Sacramento Kings Record: 15-24 Previous: 27

The Kings have remained underwhelming as they went 2-3 last week, with wins over the Lakers and Rockets. Head coach Luke Walton is their biggest concern, and it will be interesting to see if he gets fired during or after this season. 

25. Washington Wizards Record: 14-24 Previous: 23 

After a great stretch of games, the Wizards lost all their momentum as they went 1-5 in week ten with a win against the Clippers. The Wizards’ biggest concern is providing Bradley Beal with enough to get themselves back into playoff contention. 

26. Cleveland Cavaliers Record: 14-24 Previous: 25

The Cavaliers drop down one spot in the ranking after they went 0-3 last week against Indiana, New Orleans, and Atlanta. The team is committed to dealing Andre Drummond, and Cleveland’s biggest concern is getting anything in return for their big man. 

27. Orlando Magic Record: 13-26 Previous: 26

The Magic remain firmly stuck in eternal mediocrity as they went 0-4 last week, now on an eight-game losing streak. Orlando’s biggest concern is whether or not they need to fully commit to a rebuild by trading Nikola Vucevic at the trade deadline.   

28. Detroit Pistons Record: 10-29 Previous: 28

The Pistons continued to struggle as they went 1-4 in week ten, with their only win against Toronto. With Blake Griffin gone, Detroit’s biggest concern is wondering what they can get out of their several young players, who will now see an increase in minutes.  

29. Minnesota Timberwolves Record: 9-30 Previous: 30

With Karl-Anthony Towns back, the Timberwolves finally snapped their losing skid as they went 2-2 last week, with wins against New Orleans and Portland. Minnesota’s biggest concern is getting everyone healthy at the same time as KAT and D’Angelo Russell have both missed a lot of games this season. 

30. Houston Rockets Record: 11-26 Previous: 29

The Rockets have not won a game since February 4th, as they are currently on a brutal 16-game losing streak. Their biggest concern for the rest of the season is finding some hidden talent that they can build around for the future.

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