2021 MLB Rankings: Center Field 20-11

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2021 MLB Rankings: 30 days of MLB rankings! In this series, we will be ranking every projected starting player for the 2021 season at each in position, each in three parts. On day eighteen of this series, we’ll look at the bottom ten center fielders in MLB. 

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2021 MLB Rankings: 20-16

20. Mauricio Dubon, San Francisco Giants 2020: (27- 2B)

2020: 54 games, .274/.337/.389 splits, .726 OPS, 4 Home Runs, 19 RBIs

Initially a second baseman, Mauricio Dubon moved to center field and had the best year of his career in 2020. While he was far from spectacular, Dubon flashed the potential to be a starting-level player, more than what he had shown in the past. Defensively, he still needs some work as second base is still his natural position. 

19. JaCoby Jones, Detroit Tigers 2020: NR

2020: 30 games, .268/.333/.515 splits, .849 OPS, 5 Home Runs, 14 RBIs

Before suffering a season-ending hand injury, JaCoby Jones was having the best year of his career in center field in 2020. At the plate, he has decent power, posting an OPS+ of 127, well above league-average. Defensively, he’s a liability, which held him back from being ranked higher, but Jones has the potential to improve in 2021. 

18. Harrison Bader, St.Louis Cardinals 2020: 20

2020: 50 games, .226/.336/.443 splits, .779 OPS, 4 Home Runs, 11 RBIs

While Harrison Bader is not great as a hitter, his defense is enough to carry him into the top twenty. In a tough outfield in St.Louis, Bader is nasty, having posted an Rdrs of 13 in 2019 and 17 in 2018. At the plate, he draws a lot of walks, but his power numbers dropped during the shortened season in 2020. 

17. Kevin Kiermaier, Tampa Bay Rays 2020: 15

2020: 49 games, .217/.321/.362 splits, .683 OPS, 3 Home Runs, 22 RBIs

At this point in his career, it’s entirely clear what Kevin Kiermaier is as a player. At the plate, he’s an eight or nine-hole hitter, who doesn’t provide much contact or power. However, Kiermaier remains one of the best defensive center fielders in the league, having won three Gold Gloves in his career, most recently in 2019. 

16. Victor Robles, Washington Nationals 2020: 10

2020: 52 games, .220/.293/.315 splits, .608 OPS, 3 Home Runs, 15 RBIs

After a great rookie season in 2019, Victor Robles suffered a horrible sophomore slump as his numbers dropped across the board. However, heading into his age 24 season, Robles should be able to get back on track. Robles has solid contact and power, but his best ability is his speed, as he stole 28 bases as a rookie in 2019. 

2021 MLB Rankings: 15-11

15. Luis Robert, Chicago White Sox 2020: 18

2020: 56 games, .233/.302/.436 splits, .738 OPS, 11 Home Runs, 31 RBIs

The top fifteen vs. the bottom fifteen is a considerable difference in this ranking. Luis Robert had a great year as a rookie, flashing some power with 11 home runs and 31 RBIs. Defensively, Robert already proved to be elite as he earned a Gold Glove award. Now heading into his second season, Robert should continue to improve.  

14. Aaron Hicks, New York Yankees 2020: NR

2020: 54 games, .225/.379/.414 splits, .793 OPS, 6 Home Runs, 21 RBIs

After an injury-riddled campaign in 2019, Aaron Hicks was able to stay healthy in 2020. Despite Brett Gardner’s re-signing, Hicks is projected to be the Yankees’ center fielder for 2021. Hicks has elite discipline, having drawn 41 walks compared to 38 strikeouts in 2020, but his power numbers have dropped. Defensively, he has an absolute cannon out in center field. 

13. Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee Brewers 2020: 9

2020: 5 games, .333/.429/.389 splits, .817 OPS, 0 Home Runs, 2 RBIs

After playing the first five games of the 2020 season, Lorenzo Cain decided to opt-out due to COVID-19 concerns. Based on what he produced in 2019, Cain is still a great leadoff hitter and one of the best defensive center fielders in MLB. Now heading into his age 35 season, Cain is looking to get back on track in a full season. 

12. Starling Marte, Miami Marlins 2020: 4

2020: 61 games, .281/.340/.430 splits, .770 OPS, 6 Home Runs 27 RBIs

After a strong start to the year with Arizona, Starling Marte was dealt to the Miami Marlins, where his numbers fell off. However, at age 32, Marte still has a lot left in the tank as a power hitter with a ton of speed. However, center field has become considerably deeper from last year, and Marte drops out of the top ten.

11. Ramon Laureano, Oakland Athletics 2020: 5

2020: 54 games, .213/.338/.366 splits, .704 OPS, 6 Home Runs, 25 RBIs

After a breakout year in 2019, Ramon Laureano took a massive step back at the plate in 2020. In reality, Laureano is likely somewhere in between the 2019 and 2020 versions of himself as a hitter who can hit 20+ home runs. He has an absolute cannon in center field, but Laureano barely misses out on the top ten in the 2021 MLB rankings. 

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