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Interview With Joe Solecki Ahead of UFC on ABC 2

UFC lightweight Joe Solecki plans on making another statement at UFC on ABC 2 against veteran Jim Miller. The opportunity is in front of Solecki, and he feels like he’s “ready to take it” on April 10th.

In this Joe Solecki interview, we discuss how this fight came to be, his early thoughts on the match-up, what he’s planning to show at UFC on ABC 2, and more.

The 27-year-old lightweight out of North Carolina made a great first impression on the big stage when he secured a guillotine in the first round of his Contender Series bout. Solecki took full advantage of that opportunity, and he’s planning to do the same against Miller.

Joe Solecki Interview

“It didn’t have to be Jim Miller it could’ve been anybody,” Solecki said, “It was just getting to be too long since the last one. It’ll be about eight months since the last time I stepped in the cage, and I just wanna stay active. Didn’t know it was gonna be this great of an opportunity, thought it would’ve been another guy off the Contender Series or something like that, but even better cause this is one heck of an opportunity and I’m ready to take it.”

As far as the match-up is concerned, Solecki knows he’ll have to bring his all, but he’s prepared to.

“I’m basically approaching it the same way I approach all of them,” he replied. “I’ll have fought three really tough dudes now – guys that you know you’re gonna have to fight – and I know Miller’s a guy I’m gonna have to fight for 15 minutes straight. No backing off or clocking out for a half-second, you can’t veer off of the game-plan. With Miller that’s a little different from the other guys, he’s got that finishing ability. If you rush in reckless he’ll snatch your neck up or take your back. So that just poses a really fun challenge for me this fight – I have to stay disciplined for 15 minutes.”

Solecki is a perfect 2-0 since entering the UFC in 2019. In his last outing, he only needed a few minutes to finish Austin Hubbard via standing rear naked choke.

At UFC on ABC 2, Solecki plans to show an even more mature version of himself. Moreover, by beating a veteran like Miller, he’ll prove he’s every bit as good as advertised – and maybe even more.

“The biggest thing I want to show is my maturity,” Solecki stated. “This being my third fight in the UFC and fighting someone who has so many fights, people see me fighting a veteran and they see no chance of victory. They think ‘how?’ – and that’s what I’m excited to show – them how. In this game with how it changes so quickly, you can be just a few fights in the UFC and hang with some of the top-ranked guys in there. That’s what I’m excited to show.”

In this Joe Solecki interview, the rising lightweight stressed his intentions of continuing to stay as active as possible. Meaning, we’ll likely see him compete for a few times this year.

“I really hope to fight two or three more times this year,” Solecki confirmed, “Get through this fight, and God willing I’ll be healthy, and just keep pumping them out as long as they’ll have me.”

Gym-O is a superb MMA gym running out of Gastonia, North Carolina. They have themselves a big night on April 10th with both Joe Solecki and Scott Holtzman competing on the card.

“Yeah it’s pretty awesome man,” he said, “Also Impa (Kasanganay) who’s trained with us there in the past is fighting too. Yeah, the same day I signed the contract, I was scrolling on Twitter or Instagram and I saw Impa’s fight announced. Then I got to the gym the next morning and coach said Scott had a fight. So yeah we’re hoping to have a special night.”

Joe Solecki takes on Jim Miller in just a matter of weeks. The latter is a formidable veteran, while the former is a promising talent. We’re in for a treat at UFC on ABC 2: Till vs Vettori.

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Joe Solecki interview Joe Solecki interview Joe Solecki interview Joe Solecki interview

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