2021 MLB Rankings: Right Field 10-1

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2021 MLB Rankings: 30 days of MLB rankings! In this series, we will be ranking every projected starting player for the 2021 season at each in position, each in three parts. On day 19 of this series, we’ll look at the top ten right fielders in MLB. 

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2021 MLB Rankings: 10-6

10. Jackie Bradley Jr., Milwaukee Brewers 2020: (14- CF)

2020: 55 games, .283/.364/.450 splits, .814 OPS, 7 Home Runs, 22 RBIs

After spending the first eight years of his career with the Red Sox, Jackie Bradley Jr. heads to Milwaukee, where he will move to right field in 2021. At the plate, Bradley Jr. is a solid contact hitter who provides occasional power, however, he cracks the top ten because of his elite defense and absolute cannon of an arm.  

9. Whit Merrifield, Kansas City Royals 2020: (6- CF)

2020: 60 games, .282/.325/.440 splits, .764 OPS, 9 Home Runs, 30 RBIs

A guy who has played several different positions throughout his career, Whit Merrifield is projected to play right field for Kansas City in 2021. Merrifield is an ideal leadoff hitter as he hits for a high average and steals a ton of bases. Defensively, he’s a work in progress, but right field was his best position in 2020, as he posted an Rdrs of 3. 

8. Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies 2020: 7

2020: 59 games, .303/.356/.448 splits, .804 OPS, 6 Home Runs, 42 RBIs

2020 was business as usual for Charlie Blackmon, who remains one of the most consistent players in MLB. Blackmon is a great leadoff as he hits for contact and has a career average of .304. Defensively, he made marginal improvements in 2020 and posted an Rdrs of 0 in the right field after being a liability in the field throughout his career.  

7. Mike Yastrzemski, San Francisco Giants 2020: 15

2020: 54 games, .297/.400/.568 splits, .968 OPS, 10 Home Runs, 35 RBIs

Mike Yastrzemski has proven that he is more than just the grandson of Carl Yastrzemski. In 2020, Mike broke onto the scene, finishing eighth in the NL MVP voting and nearly carrying his team to a playoff berth. While he broke into the league late as a 28-year-old rookie, Yaz is now in the prime of his career as a top ten right fielder. 

6. Michael Conforto, New York Mets 2020: 9

2020: 54 games, .322/.412/.515 splits, .927 OPS, 9 Home Runs, 31 RBIs

At age 27, Michael Conforto had the best year of his career in 2020, putting up career highs across the board, including an OPS+ of 156. Conforto always had great power but became a great contact hitter as well last season. Defensively, he’s inconsistent at times and has played much better in right field throughout his career.  

2021 MLB Rankings: 5-1

5. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees 2020: T-3

2020: 28 games, .257/.336/.554 splits, .891 OPS, 9 Home Runs, 22 RBIs

Aaron Judge got off to an MVP-caliber start to 2020, prior to suffering a calf injury. Judge clearly can be one of the best players in MLB, but has he never been able to stay healthy. After finishing second in the MVP race in 2017, Judge has missed at least 31% of the season every year. Hopefully, he can stay healthy in 2021.  

4. Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies 2020: T-3

2020: 58 games, .268/.420/.542 splits, .962 OPS, 13 Home Runs, 33 RBIs

The most overly-hated player in MLB, Bryce Harper, was extremely productive in his second season in Philly in 2020. Harper led the league in walks while providing a ton of power with 13 home runs and an OPS+ of 157. He’s a much-improved defender in right field as well, posting an Rdrs of 11 at the spot in 2019. Harper deserves your respect, and he’s once again an MVP candidate in 2021.  

3. Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves 2020: 2

2020: 46 games, .250/.406/.581 splits, .987 OPS, 14 Home Runs, 29 RBIs

At age 22, Ronald Acuna Jr. continued to produce at an extremely high level in 2020, finishing 12th in the NL MVP voting. Acuna Jr. has elite power as a leadoff hitter and a great eye at the plate. Defensively, he is above league-average as well and has played in center field as well. Incredibly, Acuna Jr. is only 23, and he could easily win MVP in 2021.  

2. Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers 2020: 1

2020: 55 games, .292/.366/.562 splits, .927 OPS, 16 Home Runs, 39 RBIs

It should be a crime that Mookie Betts and Juan Soto can’t each be the number one right fielder. In his first season with the Dodgers, Mookie Betts finished second in the NL MVP voting as he helped the team win the World Series. At the plate, Betts has no weakness and even improved at limiting strikeouts in 2020. Betts is an elite defender as well, winning the fifth consecutive Gold Glove award of his career.  

1. Juan Soto, Washington Nationals 2020: (2- LF) 

2020: 47 games, .351/.490/.695 splits, 1.185 OPS, 13 Home Runs, 37 RBIs

How the heck is Juan Soto only 22 years old? After missing the start of the year due to COVID-19, Soto came back and was easily the best hitter in baseball. His 1.185 OPS and 212 OPS+ are numbers reminiscent of prime Barry Bonds. With Soto moving over to right field in 2021, he needs to improve as a defender, but that should come with time.

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