2021 NFL Offseason: Why Russell Wilson to the Saints Never Made Sense

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It’s time to examine this curious story. The New Orleans Saints are looking for a new starting quarterback. After Drew Brees‘ retirement, the Saints must find a new leader to lead their franchise. The Saints were in the mix for Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback has felt disgruntled this 2021 NFL offseason. For that reason, Wilson got linked to several teams. However, Russell Wilson to the Saints never made sense. Yes, the New Orleans Saints need a starting quarterback, although Wilson won’t be the man.

2021 NFL Offseason: Wilson to the Saints Just Doesn’t Work

Why It Didn’t Make Sense

The Saints are in salary cap hell. Due to the pandemic, the NFL salary cap dropped for the 2021 season to $182.5 million. Therefore, the New Orleans Saints need to create cap space. The franchise already took a punishment this week for Covid violations. They can’t cause more problems for themselves. Wilson’s cap number in 2021 is $32 million. Despite not re-signing Trey Hendrickson, Sheldon Rankins, Josh Hill, and others, the Saints are still in trouble with the salary cap. To facilitate Wilson’s move, New Orleans would need to shed more players to get Wilson’s contract on the board.

Then there is the estimated capital that New Orleans would need to spend an excessive amount of draft capital to Seattle. Furthermore, with the losses that New Orleans suffered, the team couldn’t send critical picks to another team. Picks are how a team can replenish the roster. New Orleans GM Mickey Loomis and his front office are masters at drafting young stars. Alvin Kamara and Marshon Lattimore are two shining examples of that. The Saints are no longer in a Super Bowl, with or without Wilson, they couldn’t afford to hostage their future for a veteran quarterback that hasn’t got it done since 2014. That is why Russell Wilson to the Saints never made sense.

Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston

The other reasons why Russell Wilson to the Saints never made sense emanate from BYU and Florida State. BYU alum Taysom Hill is Sean Payton’s Swiss-Army knife. When Brees went down with an injury in 2020, Hill stepped in as the starting quarterback. Under Hill’s leadership, New Orleans went 3-1, and Hill looked solid if a tad erratic. Hill is a unique talent, utterly different from Wilson. With Sean Payton’s elite play-calling skill, New Orleans could create a fascinating offensive package around Hill.

In extension to Hill’s presence on the roster, the Saints still have Jameis Winston. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback spent a year learning from Brees and Payton. Therefore, he should understand the Saints offense coming into year two in New Orleans.

Winston possesses all the tools. He is strong, powerful, and can throw a bazooka for a football. Where Winston struggles is decision-making. He is a lousy decision-maker, especially under pressure. Hopefully, with Payton’s guidance and the Saints’ weapons, Winston could taper back some of the mistakes and become more consistent. These two quarterbacks being on the roster is why Russell Wilson to the Saints never made sense. These two players will battle for the starting role in camp.

The Bottom Line

The financial cost allied with the draft capital required, moving Russell Wilson to the Saints, never made sense. There was no avenue for New Orleans to make a move, too many problems arose from considering the trade during the 2021 NFL offseason. Add that to two quarterbacks already on the roster, New Orleans would’ve been silly to move for an aging signal-caller that may be past his best years. Russell Wilson might’ve wanted the Saints, however, the Saints never wanted him. When it came to the bottom line, making a plan to move Russell Wilson to the Saints wasn’t in the picture. The Big Easy organization will tread their own path in 2021. Ultimately, the Saints are much better for not risking everything to trade for Russell Wilson.

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