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Brandon Lewis Interview: “My Goal Is To Be Among Legends”

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Brandon Lewis is a young 23-year-old prospect who’s currently undefeated, riding a five-fight win streak. Or, an eight-fight win streak, if you count amateur fights as well. Regardless, all you need to know is this man should be up on your list when it comes to fighters to be on the lookout for.

Training out of DEFWAR, Lewis holds 10 finishes out of 13 Amateur and Professional fights. “Superman” is a finisher who proved that he has what it takes to survive and thrive in an all-out war during his fight at LFA 102 against Jimmy Meza.

Getting a start to his amateur fighting career at the young age of 15, you could say Lewis always knew that fighting was his true calling.

Brandon Lewis Interview

Question: Coming off of that 3 year layoff and the back surgery you had a year ago, what would you say was the hardest part of that whole period in your life? Did you always know you were going to return as soon as you could or did the thought of finding a different path ever cross your mind?

Brandon Lewis: The hardest part for being out so long on injury was not having a healthy outlet. I’ve trained martial arts and been active my whole life, and that had always been my was to de-stress. Being without an outlet challenged me with anxiety, and put me in a depression. Luckily, I had people close to me constantly reminding me how young I am, and the success rate of the surgery.

The recovery rate for my surgery at my age was very high, but during that period I had always feared the small possibility that I wouldn’t be able to return the cage again. MMA doesn’t quite pay the bills yet, so I know I can survive financially without it, but it would leave me a lifetime full of regret if I was never able give the sport my all.

Question: What’s your opinion on ring rust, do you believe in it or do you think that ring rust is all just a mental thing?

Brandon Lewis: I don’t believe in ring rust. The only thing being out of the cage for so long effected, was my excitement to come back. During my fight I wanted to prove a few things to myself for the comeback, so I did get an adrenaline dump in the middle of the fight. Aside from that I did not feel like it inhibited my ability to perform.

Question: So Brandon, as a 23 year old MMA fighter currently riding this insanely impressive  5 fight win streak, it’s obvious that the sky’s the limit for a guy like you. So please, walk us through what led you to start this journey and what is the #1 thing or just some of the things you’d like to accomplish before it is over? 

Brandon Lewis: I grew up watching Rocky and Martial Arts movies. I’ve always looked up to martial artists and fighters and found them inspiring. I joined a karate gym at the age of 10 and competed in karate tournaments. Then trained Jiu-Jitsu, judo, and many other styles of martial arts and competed in many of them.

I was always competitive and wanted more, so at age 15 I mowed lawns and saved up money to travel to Virginia (from Florida) to take my first amateur MMA fight. Since the beginning my goal is to be one of the greatest martial artists known. To be among legends.

Question: So, after that win over Jimmy Meza at LFA 102, what’s the plan for you? You trying to take a long time off after a war like that? Or are you hungry to get back in there as soon as you can? Tell us when we’d see you fighting next in a perfect world.

Brandon Lewis: As soon as my hands recover, I will be back in the gym and aiming to fight as soon as physically possible. I feel like I’m ready to make big things happen this year and want to make a statement to the world that I’m on my way up to the top. I would say you could expect me back in there before June.

Question: Was that fight with Jimmy Meza the most challenging fight of your career?  If not, tell us about your most challenging fight or obstacle in your career And where you find the ability to push thru the adversity and keep on going. 

Brandon Lewis: Jimmy Meza was the toughest opponent I’ve had in my career. He went into the 3rd round with a broken arm and still fought like a warrior. It was an honor and great opportunity to have someone that can withstand so much and give me the full 15 minutes of experience in there.

I’ve had to overcome many adversities in other fights, where things in camp went wrong, weight cuts gone bad, things in my personal life had interfered, and other challenges. But this fight, almost everything in my life was in balance, I just needed to finally make my return after being out for so long.

Brandon Lewis Interview Synopsis

So, there you have it, folks! What a guy Brandon Lewis is, right? With an attitude and spirit of a true MMA warrior, fight fans across the globe will be hoping to see “Superman” accomplish his aspirations and overcome the many adversities that have stood in this young man’s path. To think, being 15 and working to earn the money for a bus ticket to your amateur MMA debut. There’s motivated, and then there’s that…

Brandon Lewis is on a different level, and make sure to check out these links to his social media platforms and give him a follow to be apart of his journey!

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Instagram: Brandon Lewis MMA

Twitter: Brandon Lewis MMA

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