Winning March Madness Bracket Is Next to Impossible

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If you are a seasoned lottery player then your next big move will be trying your luck at the March Madness Bracket challenge of the NCAA Division 1 of men’s basketball tournament. Since its start in 1939, thousands of people have tried their hand at winning this ultimate basketball challenge but very few have been able to reach the top levels. Moreover, none of those thousand people have ever successfully won the challenge till the end. If you want to know why there is so much hype about this challenge then carry on reading this article till the end and then you can also register yourself for the challenge.

March Madness Bracket: What Is the Challenge?

Every year, the NCAA Division 1 organizes their men’s basketball tournament that comprises 68 teams. The single-elimination tournament has seven rounds and the penultimate round comprises four teams and is known as The Final Four. The objective of the challenge is to guess correctly the outcome of all the 63 matches in the seven rounds. Although many people have guessed quite a few outcomes correctly, no one has been able to guess all of them correctly and win the challenge.

History of the Challenge

When the challenge first started in 1939, it just had 8 teams and Oregon was the winner of the basketball tournament by beating Ohio. Then in 1951, the number of teams playing the tournament increased to 16 and it kept on increasing until, in 1985, it was played in the modern formation with 64 teams in the tournament. 

The Mountain West Conference joined Division 1 in 2001 and the total number of teams was increased to 65 and in 2011, further three teams joined which makes the total number of 68 which it is now. It was held every year with much ado until it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Thousands of enthusiastic basket challenge players are waiting for it to help again in 2021 so do not miss your chance.

How Does the Challenging Work?

You can easily take part in the challenge by registering yourself on the official website of the NCAA when they will open the challenge for the public. However, if you think that you can easily win it then you are hugely mistaken. To win the March Madness bracket, you have to guess all the 63 games correctly and that too before the entire tournament starts. Thus guessing correctly all the outcomes becomes next to impossible even for a seasoned astrologer who predicts the future.

What Are the Odds of Winning?

If you think that winning a lottery is hard then you have never tried to win the March Madness bracket challenge. Every basketball fan does huge amounts of research and spends months after months predicting the outcomes of the basketball matches but to no avail. 

If you think that you will try to fill the outcomes randomly then it will take you around 290 billion years before you can guess all the matches correctly. The odds of your randomly selecting the correct outcomes are around 1 in 9.2 quintillions. Thus it is not humanly possible to win it without any research into the past basketball tournaments. 

So many people do extensive research and watch all the matches that have been played in the tournament since 1939 before betting on the outcomes. However, you still have better chances of getting struck by lightning than winning the perfect bracket. It is easier to become a professional basketball player in the NBA than to win the challenge. 

In a basketball season, there are around 540000 players who take part in the high school basketball tournaments in the U.S. They have 1 in 35 chances of making it to the bigger college basketball leagues. From there, these basketball players have 1 in 75 chances of being selected into the NBA and for playing the major tournaments. That means you have greater chances of actually playing as a member of the basketball teams in the March Madness Challenge than winning the perfect bracket itself.

Is it Worth Taking the Challenge?

Although there are huge odds against winning the Madness March Bracket, it is always fun to see how close you have come to the winning choices and it also increases the excitement during the tournaments. So it is worth it to take part in the March Madness Bracket.

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