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2021 NBA Trade Deadline: Celtics Trade Daniel Theis for Moe Wagner

The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline has passed after lots of trades. The Celtics snuck in one more trade just before the three o’clock deadline, the deal was headlined by Celtics big man Daniel Theis being traded to the Chicago Bulls. The Wizards acquired Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison from the Bulls in the trade while the Celtics received Center Moe Wagner from the Wizards and Luke Kornet from the Bulls. Along with Theis the Bulls also got Troy Brown Jr. from the Wizards and Javonte Green from the Celtics. Here is a summary of the trade:

Wizards get – Daniel Gafford, Chandler Hutchison
Bulls get – Daniel Theis, Troy Brown Jr., Javonte Green
Celtics get – Moe Wagner, Luke Kornet

2021 NBA Trade Deadline: How did the Celtics fare in this deal?

The addition of Moe Wagner is most likely money-related for the Celtics, Wagner who is averaging 7.1 PPG and 2.9 RPG is not an upgrade from Theis but does save the Celtics some money. We likely will see the Celtics sign a player from the buyout market, Andre Drummond and LaMarcus Aldridge are both candidates for that spot. Although it does look like the Heat are the team that is leading in the Aldridge sweepstakes.

The other player Boston gets from the Bulls is Luke Kornet. I would not be surprised if the Celtics end up waving him. The 7’2 center is averaging 2.0 PPG and 1.2 RPG. If the Celtics decide to keep Kornet he isn’t going to provide much for this Celtics team.

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