2021 NBA Trade Deadline: Will the Lakers Regret Not Making Any Trades?

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The NBA trade deadline saw a lot of teams making moves and improving. It also saw the Los Angeles Lakers not make any moves at all. This wasn’t a bad thing, however, because the Lakers didn’t need to make any moves on the NBA trade deadline.

The biggest move made on the deadline was probably the Miami Heat acquiring Victor Oladipo and only having to give up Avery BradleyKelly Olynyk, and a draft swap.

Nikola Vucevic also joined the Chicago Bulls in another big move during the NBA trade deadline. The Bulls gave the Orlando Magic Otto Porter Jr., Wendell Carter Jr., and two first-round picks. They also received Al Farouq Aminu.

Lakers miss out on Kyle Lowry during NBA Trade Deadline Day

The player the Lakers were linked with the most during the trade deadline day was Kyle Lowry.

Lowry would have been a great pick-up for the Lakers. He is an experienced point guard, great defender, good shooter, and former NBA Champion.

He is averaging 17.4 points and 7.5 assists this year with the Toronto Raptors. Lowry is also a great leader. His impact on the team would have been crucial to the Lakers winning the game whilst their two best players are out.

Bringing in Lowry could have been the difference-maker in the Lakers finishing with a good seed and a bad one.

He also has plenty of playoff experience that would have been great for the team in the postseason.

It seems the Lakers were willing to part with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Dennis Schroder in order to bring the six time All-Star to LA; however, Toronto wanted them to include Talen Horton-Tucker in the deal which the Lakers did not want.

It’s fair to say that the Raptors over valued Lowry. He is 35 years old, with one year left on his contract.

Why should the Lakers stop nurturing a young talent for a veteran that there is no guarantee will be staying with them?

The Philadelphia 76ers also didn’t make a move for Lowry, so it looks like its fair to say that the Raptors wanted too much.

Lowry would have been a great addition, but the Lakers still have a great point guard in Schroder. Despite NBA trade deadline being exciting for other teams, it didn’t need to be for the Lakers as they were definitely not in desperate need for Lowry.

NBA Buyout Market

The main reason why the Lakers won’t be too sad that they didn’t make any trade is that what they need is in the buyout market.

The Lakers main improvements needed is at the center position and three point shooting. The biggest name the Lakers could get from the market is Andre Drummond.

Lakers have a big problem at the five position. Marc Gasol isn’t good enough on the defensive end and can get into foul trouble. If he does, their next back up center is Montrezl Harrell, and opposing centers have a big size advantage on him as he is only 6’7.

Of course Davis can play the five to an elite level, but he prefers to play at power forward. Playing with a contender will improve Drummond’s game as there will be more control over what he does.

Frank Vogel will limit what he does offensively and make sure that he only does what is best for the team. That is rebounding and doing what he can defensively.

Another player that could enter the buyout market is Hassan Whiteside. If the Sacramento Kings buy him out he would be a great pick up.

There was no one available by the NBA trade deadline that would be useful as Whiteside and cost the Lakers as little as he will. He will restore the paint protection they miss from last year’s squad.

He is a great shot blocker and led the league in blocks per game last year, averaging 2.9.

The Lakers don’t need much more from Whiteside other than help protecting the paint. This simple role could be the difference in the Lakers becoming back-to-back champions.

Another player that may enter the buyout market is Otto Porter Jr. He joined the Orlando Magic on NBA Trade Deadline day but there is a possibility he will get bought out.

If he does it could be a great opportunity for the Lakers. Caldwell-Pope and Wesley Matthews are very inconsistent, especially Matthews.

Maybe it is time for the Lakers to make a change. Porter is a good defender and shooting 40% from beyond the arc.

The Lakers lack having an elite shooter like most contenders have. The Brooklyn Nets have Joe Harris, the Sixers have Seth Curry. Maybe the Lakers could have Wayne Ellington.

Ellington is a great three point shooter and could get bought out by the Detroit Pistons. He is averaging 10.7 points per game this season and would definitely improve the Lakers offense.

He is shooting 43.1% from three while attempting 6.4 a game. The Lakers acquiring an elite three point shooter would make them even more dangerous and address one of their weaknesses.

Not making any moves on NBA Trade Deadline Day was the right thing, what the Lakers need is in the buyout market.

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