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2021 Pittsburgh Pirates: The Division of Fans

Fans of the 2021 Pittsburgh Pirates struggle year in and year out. There is much more to be said when you are a fan of a loser than if you are a fan of a winner. While the latter has it easy, the former has to undergo ridicule, questions, and comments that a fan of a winner never has to handle. Being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates is perhaps one of the hardest to justify in the minds of others.

The good news is that Pirate fans are still talking and are doing so from many different angles, especially when it comes to this rebuilding year of 2021. It is interesting to read commentary from the various social media channels to gauge the pulse of the fan base.

2021 Pittsburgh Pirates: Optimistic Fans Have a Voice

The first group of fans are very passionate and often have a lot to say to other fans who don"t agree with their 2021 Pittsburgh Pirate world view. These fans often are commenting things like “This team will be playing in #Buctober", “82 wins is a lock!", “A true fan never says anything negative!", “Nutting is doing a great job!", etc. These fans are on many of the Pirate boards on Facebook and Twitter and often get many comments sent back to them that are considered unkind by some people. Often an unbiased observer might question the sanity of these fans.

Fans in the Middle Are Often Overlooked

Many other fans have neither a positive or negative opinion of the 2021 Pittsburgh Pirates. They often focus on players they like, often mentioning player improvement and prospects on the rise. Many times they will bring up names like Ke"Bryan Hayes or Bryan Reynolds in their commentary. They certainly do not predict a winning season for the team, but they still will watch and root for the Bucs throughout the season.

Fans Who Are Anti-Management but Pro-Player

The final group of 2021 Pittsburgh Pirate fans are the ones who despise owner Bob Nutting and are skeptical of the moves of Ben Cherington. They totally hated the Archer trade and are on the sidelines with their money for tickets and merchandise. They will watch and listen to games, but their posts on Pirate social media sites are, at times, legendary. Many groups have formed to counter the sunny outlook that many pages, bloggers, and reporters have taken with this team.

Where are you on this spectrum? Rose-colored glasses, glass half full or half empty, or are you smashing the glass? With the season soon upon us, it"s time to choose your side.

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