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NBA Power Ranking: Week 13

Week 13 of the NBA Power Ranking is here! This week we will be looking at how each teams trade deadline went and how the new additions are fitting in on their new teams.

*Stats and scores from games on 3/29/21 not included*

NBA Power Ranking: 1-10

1. Utah Jazz Record: 34-11 Previous: 2

The Utah Jazz are back to the number one spot on the power rankings after a 3-0 week that kept them with the best record in the league. Utah has a 2.5 game lead on the second best team in the NBA, the 76ers. Utah pulled off a trade with the Raptors for guard Matt Thomas. Thomas played seven minutes in his first game for the Jazz and did not get a bucket.

2. Philadelphia 76ers Record: 32-14 Previous: 1

The 76ers lost the number one spot on the NBA Power Rankings after a 2-1 week where the Sixers beat the Warriors and Lakers but lost to the Clippers on Saturday night. The 76ers are still without their star Joel Embiid. During the deadline the 76ers added point guard George Hill to the roster in a trade with the Thunder. Hill is also injured right now so he has not made his Sixers debut.

3. Brooklyn Nets Record: 31-15 Previous: 4

The Nets went 2-1 this week with a loss to the Jazz in a game where James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant all missed. The Nets didn’t make any trades, but they did sign LaMarcus Aldridge who will give the Nets more depth.

4. Los Angeles Clippers Record: 31-16 Previous: 6

The Clippers are currently on a five game win streak, in the last week the Clippers went 3-0 with two wins against the Spurs and one win against the 76ers. At the deadline the Clippers traded Lou Williams to the Hawks for Rajon Rondo.

5. Phoenix Suns Record: 31-14 Previous: 5

The Suns had a record of 3-1 in week 13 and stay at the five spot on the NBA Power Rankings. With the only loss coming against the Magic. The Suns still hold the second seed in the Western Conference only behind the Jazz.

6. Milwaukee Bucks Record: 29-16 Previous: 3

The Bucks didn’t have a great week 13 as they went 1-2 and slipped down three spots in the NBA Power Ranking. The Bucks split a two game series with the Celtics and lost to the Knicks. The Bucks pulled off a trade for PJ Tucker who is averaging 1 PPG in three games with the Bucks.

7. Denver Nuggets Record: 27-18 Previous: 7

In week 13 the Nuggets went 2-1 with wins against the Pelicans and Hawks and a blowout loss against the Raptors. Like the Suns, the Nuggets stayed at the same spot as last week in the NBA Power Ranking. At the deadline the Nuggets traded for Forward Aaron Gordon. In his Denver debut Gordon had a 13 point performance.

8. Portland Trail Blazers Record: 28-18 Previous: 9

The Trail Blazers had a record of 3-1 in week 13 and finished on a three game win streak. Portland lost to the Nets and beat the Heat, Magic, and Raptors. At the deadline Portland traded Gary Trent Jr. to the Raptors in exchange for Norman Powell. Powell is averaging 17.5 PPG in two games with the Blazers.

9. Los Angeles Lakers Record: 30-17 Previous: 8

Without Anthony Davis and LeBron James the Lakers continue to slip. In week 13 the Lakers went 2-2. In a tough Western Conference the Lakers will need to continue to find ways to get wins and stay out of the play-in games. The addition of Andre Drummond could help the Lakers team get much needed wins.

10. Boston Celtics Record: 23-23 Previous: 15

The Celtics were the biggest risers in week 13 of the NBA Power Ranking. The Celtics went 2-1 while going 2-0 after the trade deadline. The Celtics traded for Mo Wagner, Luke Kornet, and Evan Fournier at the deadline. Fournier has yet to play for the Celtics due to Health and Safety Protocols.

NBA Power Ranking: 11-20

11. San Antonio Spurs Record: 23-20 Previous: 11

The Spurs went 1-2 this week and stayed in the same spot as last week in the NBA Power Ranking. The Spurs lost both games against the Clippers in their mini-series. The Spurs didn’t make any additions during the deadline but did lose LaMarcus Aldridge to the Nets via Free Agency.

12. Dallas Mavericks Record: 23-21 Previous: 10

The Mavs also went 1-2 in week 13 with losses to the Pelicans and Pacers. During the trade deadline the Mavericks didn’t make any trades or sign anybody.

13. New York Knicks Record: 24-22 Previous: 17

The Knicks had a great week going 3-0 while beating the Bucks. The Knicks have jumped all the way to the four seed in the Eastern Conference. They received Vincent Poirier and Terrance Ferguson at the deadline but waived both of them.

14. Atlanta Hawks Record: 23-23 Previous: 14

The Hawks stayed at the 14 spot on the NBA Power Rankings after a 1-2 week 13. The Hawks beat the Warriors and lost to the Kings and Nuggets. Atlanta added Lou Williams to the roster in the trade with the Clippers.

15. Charlotte Hornets Record: 23-22 Previous: 18

Even without LaMelo Ball the Hornets had a 2-1 week and went up on the power rankings. Charlotte had wins against Miami and Houston and a loss to the Suns. The Hornets traded for Brad Wanamaker from the Warriors at the deadline.

16. Memphis Grizzlies Record: 21-22 Previous: 16

Two losses against Utah and a win against the Thunder gave the Grizzlies a 1-2 record in Week 13. Memphis currently holds the ninth seed in the Western Conference.

17. Indiana Pacers Record: 21-23 Previous: 19

The Pacers only played two games in Week 13 and won both of them. The Wins came against Detroit and Dallas. The Pacers were one of the teams who weren’t active at the deadline.

18. Golden State Warriors Record: 22-24 Previous: 13

The Warriors fell five spots after going 0-3 in Week 13. The Warriors hope to get Steph Curry back if they want a chance at making the playoffs. Golden State didn’t make any additions to their roster but did lose Brad Wanamaker to Charlotte.

19. Miami Heat Record: 22-24 Previous: 12

The Heat have now lost six straight games. At the deadline the Heat traded for Victor Oladipo, hopefully he can help end the Heats losing streak.

20. Sacramento Kings Record: 21-25 Previous: 22

The Kings had a great week going 3-0 with wins against the Hawks, Warriors, and Cavs. Although the Kings were involved in lots of trade rumors they did not end up pulling off any moves.

NBA Power Ranking: 21-30

21. New Orleans Pelicans Record: 20-25 Previous: 23

New Orleans had a solid week going 2-1 and gaining two spots in the NBA Power Ranking. They beat the Mavericks and the Lakers. The Pelicans decided not to trade Lonzo Ball at the deadline even though he was in many trade rumors.

22. Chicago Bulls Record: 19-25 Previous: 20

The Bulls didn’t get a win in Week 13 but were very active at the trade deadline. They pulled off the biggest trade of the day getting Nikola Vucevic. Chicago also added Daniel Theis and Javonte Green from the Celtics.

23. Oklahoma City Thunder Record: 19-26 Previous: 21

The Thunder were also in the winless group in the week 13. OKC played a solid game against the Celtics before losing steam in quarter four.

24. Toronto Raptors Record: 18-28 Previous: 24

The Raptors went 1-2 in week 13 and stayed in the same spot in the NBA Power Ranking. At the deadline the Raptors traded for Gary Trent Jr. while they sent Norman Powell to Portland.

25. Washington Wizards Record: 16-28 Previous: 26

The Wizards had a win against the Pistons and two losses to the Knicks. At the deadline the Wizards traded for Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers Record: 17-29 Previous: 25

The Cavs got a win vs. Chicago and lost to the Kings and Lakers in week 13. Cleveland traded JaVale McGee to the Nuggets at the deadline.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves Record: 11-36 Previous: 29

The Wolves struggled again in week 13 while going 1-3. The only win coming against Houston.

28. Orlando Magic Record: 15-31 Previous: 28

The Magic stayed at the 28 spot on the NBA Power Ranking while going 1-3 in week 13 and were very active at the deadline trading away almost all their stars. The Magic did bring in RJ Hampton from the Nuggets.

29. Houston Rockets Record: 13-32 Previous: 30

The Rockets continue to lose basketball games. Houston did get a win against the Timberwolves to move up one spot in the NBA Power Ranking. At the trade deadline the Rockets traded Victor Oladipo and received Kelly Olynyk and Avery Bradley.

30. Detroit Pistons Record: 12-33 Previous: 27

Detroit has lost four straight games and now find themselves in last place of the NBA Power Ranking. The Pistons traded Delon Wright for Cory Joseph and a few picks at the deadline.

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