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Interview With Fernie Garcia: “I Will Be Ready to Go by Monday”

Fernie Garcia (9-1) is a Fortis MMA fighter coming off of an amazing win at LFA 103 over Isaiah Batlin-Gonzalez. In a war that saw both men forced to overcome adversity, Garcia would rise above, and deliver a phenomenal performance to secure the decision win.

Both fighters were not backing down, and LFA fans were blessed with a high-intensity striking match that surely left everyone watching on the edge of their seats. In a back-and-forth battle, Garcia’s savvy defense, relentless pace, and great fight IQ seemed to be the deciding factors that gave him the edge over his opponent. Garcia’s offense just wouldn’t stop, and he also wasn’t there to be hit back a lot of the time either.

After such a remarkable victory, hopes are high within the MMA community that we can see Fernie Garcia get his much-deserved shot in the premier fight league that is the UFC. At 9-1, and on a four-fight win streak, one thing’s for certain, Garcia is definitely a man on fire!

The Fernie Garcia Interview

So Fernie, how did the Covid-19 pandemic effect your day-to-day life, and training? Talk about the struggles it presented, and how you overcame those. 

Fernie Garcia: COVID just made me work on my road work, and just had to get creative working-out outdoors, but if you’re determined nothing can stop you from putting in the work.

You’ve been looking to break in to the ufc for a while now. How close do you think you are to getting that ufc contract or even a fight on Dana White’s Contender series?

Fernie Garcia: I think I’m very close to the contender series or a short notice UFC fight. I’ll stay in shape, ready to go, waiting for the call.

A lot of young prospects are first round finishers, and they make it to the UFC without having proven they can survive and thrive in a hard 3 round war. Are you more confident in your abilities since you’ve proven time and time again you can go 3 hard rounds and win the decision? Or would you like to finish more fights? 

Fernie Garcia: It gives me confidence I can keep up a high pace for 15 minutes, because my last 4 fights have all been extremely high paced, and my cardio has been getting better and better. The finishes will come eventually, I’m not worried about it.

Training out of Fortis MMA, you’ve had to have come across and trained with tons of UFC fighters. What’s the best piece of advice any of them have given you about your fighting career or life in general? 

Fernie Garcia: Just training with a bunch of elite athletes makes you a winner. Coach Sayif has created a winning environment where losing is really a non-existent concept. Winning is expected. My teammates keep each other accountable, and expect you to be at your best every single practice.

After a war like that with Gonzalez, you’re now on an impressive 4 fight win streak and carry a 9-1 record. I’m sure you’re looking to take a good bit of time off, and let the body heal after that fight, but In a perfect world, when do we see you back in the cage? 

Fernie Garcia: I will be ready to go by Monday and if I get a call from a big promotion I’ll take it.

Last question, if you could pick any fighter off the UFC roster to fight before your MMA career is over, who you picking? If you can’t think of any, then tell us about a person or thing that gives you inspiration to be a mixed martial artist. 

Fernie Garcia: There’s a lot of UFC bantamweights I feel I match up great with, but the call outs can wait until I get signed by them.

Fernie Garcia Interview Synopsis

So, what a guy, right? What an intriguing environment it must be down there at Fortis MMA. Sounds like the perfect place to build young talent such as Garcia, and it’s beautiful to see him on such a great team.

Big thanks to Fernie Garcia for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk! Make sure to check out his social media platforms, and give him a follow to continue to watch his steady rise to the top!

Twitter: teamfgarcia
Instagram: teamfgarcia

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