2021 Colorado Buffaloes: Biggest Spring Ball Questions

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The 2020 Colorado Buffaloes surprised a lot of people. Spring practices are starting and there are a lot of questions going into the Colorado Buffaloes roster. With having new transfers and coming off a great season, it will be interesting to see how Coach Dorrell handles these situations. Here are the biggest questions heading into Colorado’s spring practices.

Colorado Buffaloes: Roster Questions

Colorado Buffaloes: WRs without KD Nixon

K.D. Nixon transferring to Pac-12 rival USC opens up the question of how well the wide receivers will play in 2021 for the Buffaloes. Nixon was hurt in 2020 and some younger wideouts had to step up. This year we need to see production from Dimitri Stanley who can be a number one in Boulder. Some other players that need to step up their solid season from last year are Brenden Rice and Vontae Shenault. The two have made a solid start last year and need to build on that going into 2021.

Colorado Buffaloes: Who will win the QB spot

Brendon Lewis had a good showing in the Alamo Bowl. He had 95 yards passing, 73 rushing yards, and a touchdown on the ground. He may have a year to compete for some more playing time. Sam Noyer is out for the spring so Lewis and J.T. Shrout will compete for the backup and maybe even playing time (depending on how Noyer’s shoulder surgery goes).

The other player that could also be competing with Shrout and Lewis is true freshman, Drew Carter. With this extra practice, they could also be competing with Noyer with the starting job in Fall.

Colorado Buffaloes: How will the new DC run the Defense

Chris Wilson was hired this offseason to be the Buffaloes’ new DC. The Buffaloes had a solid defense last year and getting good transfers in the offseason will make them even better. On third down conversions they held opponents to 31.76%. Also, with a total of 20 Red-Zone scores, only 11 of them were touchdowns. The one thing that Wilson will have to work on is limiting the big plays. The Buffaloes have allowed multiple 20 and more yard plays in their five regular-season games. If he can have this defense limit the big plays, this defense can be scarier than it was last year.

Colorado Buffaloes: How good is this secondary

The 2020 Colorado Buffaloes secondary was good with who they had. The true freshman Christian Gonzalez showed that he was good enough to start at cornerback and Mekhi Blackmon was also great. The Buffaloes will also get Tarik Luckett after his injury. The newly committed Tyrin Taylor will also be in factor for this season. This Colorado Buffaloes team has lost some depth on the D-line so they need to have a good secondary to cover long enough so that they can bring pressure to the quarterback. It will be nice to see this spring if this defense can do just that.

This team had some unexpected success in 2020. There was a lot of action this offseason with players transferring from CU and coming in. It is nice to see some quarterback competition this offseason compared to last year. It will be interesting to see how much the defense will change with the new DC and if they can keep what worked well last year. Even though the Buffaloes went 4-1 last season, they were still unsatisfied. Expect to see a very exciting team this year in Boulder.

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