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Scott Malone vs Kiru Sahota Fight Preview and Prediction

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Caged Steel 25 has a new man stepping up for the main event and it has made an already thrilling matchup even more exciting. Undefeated prospect Kiru Sahota has stepped up to the plate on just over a week’s notice and takes on the always exciting Scott “Boom Boom” Malone. With Elliot Hoye having to withdraw due to an injury, we now have just as, if not more entertaining, the main event set up.

Scott Malone

A man who has done it all in modern-day UK MMA, Malone steps into Caged Steel 25 looking to prove a point. The former Cage Warriors title challenger will be looking to showcase why he was in one of Europe’s most elite promotions. With a record of 7-4-0, Scott may not look as good on paper as he is in the cage. In fact, he sports a 79% finish rate varying from submissions to KO/TKO’s.

With the majority of “Boom Boom’s” losses coming by way of submission, it is obvious where Malone’s strong suits are. However, in his bout against Adam Aramasinghe, Scott used his lateral movement amazingly. Along with this, his lead hand was constantly feinting jabs and hooks. Malone used all of this to gain a takedown against his opponent and would out grapple Adam for the rest of the fight.

Malone has amazing power in his hands and can knock you down with one punch. Having to prepare for a new undefeated opponent in just over a week could be a real struggle for Scott, especially with Sahota having just as much of a well-rounded game as “Boom Boom” himself.

Kiru Sahota

An undefeated star is on a mission at Caged Steel 25. At the last minute, Sahota has stepped in to put his record on the line against a formidable opponent. With a 100% finish rate, Kiru is stepping up to his biggest challenge yet in Scott Malone. Sahota is possibly the most underrated striker in underground UK MMA and will be looking to showcase that on April 10th. However, if the fight reaches the mat, Kiru is not to be counted out as he has two submission wins to his name.

Before comparing how the two will match up at Caged Steel 25, let us break down the abilities and techniques of Sahota. In Kiru’s bout against Mario Cassasola, he showed amazing central control, forcing his opponent to move either backwards or laterally in any direction he wanted. It is safe to say that outside of a few exchanges before the finish, Kiru was dominating this fight. Sahota actually dropped Mario in the first minute, and from then on, he put the pressure on.

Heading into his Caged Steel 25 main event, Sahota will be looking to use his unique unorthodox striking to earn himself another finish. Kiru has a very good ground defense and can pull a submission out of nowhere. His ability to step in with a tomahawk elbow and then step out with a front kick to the face is beautiful and was one of the highlights in his match against previously mentioned Cassasola.

Caged Steel 25 Main Event Breakdown

So, using the knowledge we have discussed on these two athletes, let us see how each man can win at Caged Steel 25. The amazing lateral movement of Malone could be a huge factor in this fight, his feints will open up grappling opportunities but Sahota can use his unique striking to counter this. The immense pressure that Scott lays down will be his key to victory as he looks to secure top mount and pound his way to either a TKO finish or a submission opening.

With Sahota using excellent unorthodox techniques on the feet, Malone’s side-stepping could be his biggest downfall if he doesn’t take advantage of his openings quick enough. Kiru has amazing submission defense but that isn’t so effective after having someone twice your body weight laying on top of you for multiple rounds. The counter submissions of Sahota are beautiful to watch, the way he slides out of one position to grab the back of his opponent is always unexpected and leaves fans on edge every time one of his fights reaches the mat.

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