MLB Rumors: Camden Yards All-Star Game

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Last week, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred made some waves by removing the All-Star game from Atlanta. Recent MLB rumors have Camden Yards as a potential destination for the game.

MLB Rumors: Leaving Atlanta

Over the past month, MLB rumors have emerged of the All-Star game potentially being moved from Atlanta due to a proposed Georgia bill regarding voter rights in the state. Initially, it sounded as if some players, and the players association, would potentially skip the game if it remained in the state.

Just a few days ago, Major League Baseball made the announcement and removed the All-Star game and MLB Draft from the state. The move was met with significant political attention with politicians from both parties weighing in on the topic.

From a baseball standpoint, the sport would need to find a new home for the events while being compliant with local restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLB Rumors: The Case for Camden

After the shock of the announcement wore off, fans quickly went to Twitter mentioned that their team’s home stadium would be the perfect spot for the game. In the days since a few teams have formally made announcements expressing their interest in hosting.

On Monday, the Baltimore Orioles officially expressed their interest, becoming one of the first teams to make a formal announcement. Furthermore, the Orioles have announced that if they are not selected to host the 2021 game, that they would be very interested in hosting another All-Star game in the near future.

Throughout their history, the Baltimore Orioles have only twice held the MLB All-Star game. The first game was way back in 1958 at the old Memorial Stadium and the second was in 1993, the second year in Camden. Despite still being considered one of the premier baseball stadiums, and the model for a majority of the stadiums around the league, the Orioles have not hosted in almost 30 years.

MLB Rumors: Future Games

Currently, the MLB All-Star game is only scheduled for 2022, with the Dodgers, and 2026 with the Phillies. With the Orioles expressing interest, it won’t be surprising to see the team selected in the near future.

With that said, it may be more beneficial for the Orioles and the City of Baltimore to wait a couple of years before selected. COVID-19 restrictions will limit the number of fans in the stadium and, as a result, will limit tourism to the city. Furthermore, while the Orioles are off to a fast start, the team will likely be better represented in a few years when more of their prospects are in the majors. Finally, getting to host the game without much buildup could lead to an underwhelming game.

With recent MLB rumors stating that Colorado is the target destination, it may be better to wait a couple of years before returning to Baltimore.

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