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Demetrious Johnson Humbly Admits That He Still Has More To Improve On

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At ONE on TNT 1, two champions battle each other in one of the biggest fights in MMA history. Demetrious Johnson, the greatest flyweight of all time, attempts to claim the ONE flyweight world title when he challenges the undisputed ONE champion Adriano Moraes.

The whole world has witnessed the greatness in Demetrious Johnson’s career. His incredible championship run, thanks to his perfect, well-rounded, and dynamic fighting style, has paved him to be hailed as one of the GOATs. But, who would have expected that “Mighty Mouse” himself admits he still has a lot to work on?

Demetrious Johnson at ONE on TNT Media Day

In the ONE on TNT media day, Demetrious Johnson humbly points out that he thinks he still has to work on everything.

“I think everything. I believe that there’s always something that you could work on when it comes to mixed martial arts. Competing and training in the gym are two different things. So, for me, I still haven’t got to the point where I like to let my hands go a little bit more. You’re playing with such fine windows of opportunity while on the feet. Ground, it’s a little bit more different. You can feel it, you can feel your opponent’s energy in a way how they transfer. In the feet you’re just playing with windows, you know, openings. And I haven’t been able to utilize those openings that I see”

When asked about whether he has fear of losing, especially with all the success he’s had in his career, Demetrious candidly said that it’s not about that. It’s more of his performance that he doesn’t want to be disappointed with.

“So, for me, it’s not about losing. It’s about performances right. Like my last loss against Henry Cejudo was probably one of my best performances. And my stock ran up even higher because each time I go out there I fight. I go there and compete, I’m not worried about losing. Losing is part of the game, I’ve lost before and nothing’s ever changed. I’m gone after ONE fights and you know, nothing’s ever changed. So, for me, when people give me that hail of the greatest of all time or the GOAT, that’s their opinion. For me, I know I’m a hard worker, I know I’m one of the best to ever do it especially in the flyweight division. And I’m just gonna keep on training hard. I’m not worried about losing.”

Demetrious Johnson has always been a well-spoken man. The humbleness coming from “Mighty Mouse” is exceptional, especially because he is a man who has undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of MMA. For him to continue fighting at this age just stamps his passion and love for the sport.

Don’t miss his fight against Adriano Moraes at ONE on TNT!

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