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Eddie Alvarez Talks How He Handles Pressure, Opens Up About Not Retiring Anytime Soon

A big challenge faces Eddie Alvarez as he makes his return to the ONE Championship ring. In ONE on TNT, he battles a young but tough contender in Iuri Lapicus. This match is as crucial as it gets for the former Bellator and UFC Champion. Getting the win in this fight would get him one step closer to achieving a third championship in his third major promotion.

Having achieved championships at two of the biggest promotions in the world, fight fans around the world expect Eddie Alvarez to carry on his dominance at ONE Championship. Having the resume that “The Underground King” has, dealing with pressure takes a huge role in his preparation and performance.

Eddie Alvarez at ONE on TNT Media Day

In the ONE on TNT media day, Eddie Alvarez answers just how he deals with the criticism and pressure.

“Yeah, I deal with the pressure on a daily basis. You know, I’m my own worst enemy, I’m my biggest critic. So when I go to the gym, I make sure that I compete at a high level, that I’m executing the things I’m working on. I think when I go out there is just a byproduct of my training. I don’t think there’s any pressure on my shoulders than to just go out there and do what I do everyday. So, I rely on my instincts, I rely on myself. I have a deep trust and belief that I’m the best in the world. And when I go out there and perform, no one in the world can beat me.

When asked about whether winning the ONE Lightweight title will be the last thing for him to fulfill before he calls his career a quits, Eddie Alvarez hinted that he wants to last long in the industry.

“I can’t say. I can’t ever say that I’m gonna call it quits. The thing is, I never planned on doing this. It was just something that was inside me. I’m not gonna start making plans now. I’m just shy of two decades, I think I can make two decades, and that would be pretty damn cool. I think I’m like 18 years in, so we’ll see.

For fight fans, this is an amazing thing to hear from Eddie. “The Underground King” always delivers fan-friendly, exciting, and action-packed fights. With his statements, winning the ONE Lightweight world title just adds to the factors for him to stay fighting.

Don’t miss his fight against Iuri Lapicus at ONE on TNT!

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