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NBA Power Ranking: Week 14

Week 14 of the NBA Power Ranking is here! This week we will be looking at each team’s MVP so far this season!

NBA Power Ranking: 1-10

1. Utah Jazz Record: 38-13 Previous: 1

Utah keeps the number 1 spot on the NBA Power Ranking after going 4-1 in Week 14. Since the deadline, Utah has gone 6-1 with their lone loss coming to the Mavericks. So far this season, Donovan Mitchell has been the MVP for the Jazz while averaging 25.4 PPG. 5.4 APG, and 4.4 RPG. Rudy Gobert is a close second for Jazz MVP.

2. Brooklyn Nets Record: 35-16 Previous: 3

The Nets jump up to the number 2 spot in the NBA Power Ranking as they are now tied for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. In Week 14 the Nets went 4-1. James Harden has been the Nets MVP so far this season. He is putting up 25.4 PPG, 11 APG, and 8.7 RPG. Kyrie Irving was a very close second while Kevin Durant would most likely be the MVP if it wasn’t for his time missed. 

3. Philadelphia 76ers Record: 35-16 Previous: 2

Philadelphia had a solid week going 3-2 capping it off with a win over the Celtics on Tuesday night. Although he has missed some time, the big man Joel Embiid has been the Sixers MVP. Embiid is averaging nearly 30 PPG and over 11 RPG. 

4. Phoenix Suns Record: 35-14 Previous: 5

Currently, on a six-game win streak, the Suns hold the number two seed in the West. It’s a hard decision for team MVP between Devin Booker and Chris Paul but at the end of the day, the award goes to Booker. He is averaging 25.9 PPG and just recently dropped 36 on the Rockets. 

 5. Denver Nuggets Record: 32-18 Previous: 7

Just like the Suns, Denver had a great week. The Nuggets went 5-0 and jumped up two spots on the NBA Power Ranking. So far Nikola Jokic has been the clear-cut MVP for the Nuggets and is even a top contender for the league MVP.

6. Los Angeles Clippers Record: 34-18 Previous: 4

Although the Clippers slipped down two spots in the NBA Power Ranking they still had a solid week. The three seed in the West had a record of 3-1 in Week 14. Kawhi Leonard has been the team’s MVP so far this season with Paul George coming in second.

7. Milwaukee Bucks Record: 32-18 Previous: 6

The Bucks finished Week 14 with a record of 3-2 with losses to the Warriors and Clippers. Reigning league MVP Giannis Antetounkmpo has been the Bucks MVP this season. 

8. Dallas Mavericks Record: 28-21 Previous: 12 

The Mavericks moved up a few spots in the NBA Power Ranking after going 5-0 in a great Week 14. Dallas is currently the seven seed in the West. Luka Doncic started the season off a little slow but since then has been amazing. Doncic has been the Mavs team MVP by far.

9. Portland Trail Blazers Record: 30-20 Previous: 8

The Blazers took home two wins and two losses in Week 14. Those losses came to the Clippers and Bucks. Damian Lillard has been a top player in the NBA so far this season so he is the Blazers MVP. Dame is averaging nearly 30 PPG. 

10. Los Angeles Lakers Record: 30-20 Previous: 9

Without Anthony Davis and Lebron James, the Lakers went 2-2 last week. Lebron James has been the team’s MVP this season while averaging 25.4 PPG and 7.9 Rebounds and Assists per game. 

NBA Power Ranking 11-20

11. Atlanta Hawks Record: 27-24 Previous: 14

Atlanta had a great week going 4-1 while jumping up a few spots on the NBA Power Ranking. Trae Young has been Atlanta’s MVP this season with 25.3 PPG and almost 10 APG. 

12. Memphis Grizzlies Record: 25-23 Previous:16

Just like the Hawks the Grizzlies also went 4-1 in Week 14 and jumped up to the 12 spot on the power ranking. Ja Morant, who is averaging 18.8 PPG has been the Grizzlies team MVP. Jonas Valanciunas has also had a great season and comes in the second for Grizzlies MVP.

13. Miami Heat Record: 26-25 Previous: 19

The Heat were by far the biggest riser in this week’s power ranking. The Victor Oladipo trade seems to be paying off as the Heat went 4-1 last week. Bam Adebayo has been the team MVP so far this season. If Jimmy Butler had not missed the time he did, he would likely hold the team MVP award. 

14. Boston Celtics Record: 25-26 Previous: 10

The Celtics had another disappointing week with a record of 2-3 to fall back under .500 on the season. Jayson Tatum has been the Celtics MVP with Jaylen Brown in close second place.

15. Charlotte Hornets Record: 25-24 Previous: 15

The Hornets stayed at the same spot as last week in the NBA Power Ranking while going 2-2 in Week 14. Although he most likely won’t play anymore this year the team MVP goes to Lamelo Ball

16. San Antonio Spurs Record: 24-24 Previous: 11

The Spurs had a tough week going 1-4 while slipping to .500 on the season. Demar Derozan has been the Spurs MVP this season.

17. New York Knicks Record: 25-26 Previous: 13

The Knicks also went 1-4 in Week 14. Currently, New York holds the seven seed in the East. The team MVP award so far this season goes to All-Star Julius Randle

18. Golden State Warriors Record: 24-27 Previous: 18

Golden State was not great in Week 14, going 2-3. Steph Curry has been no doubt the MVP for the Warriors. 

19. New Orleans Pelicans Record: 22-28 Previous: 21

The Pelicans were hit hard with injuries this week but still managed a 2-3 record. Zion Williamson has been spectacular this season, earning himself the team MVP award so far this year.

20. Indiana Pacers Record: 22-27 Previous: 17

The Pacers struggled in Week 14 going 1-4 and slipping out of the top 8 in the East. All-Star Domantas Sabonis has been the team MVP averaging 19.9 PPG and 11.3 RPG this season.

NBA Power Ranking 21-30

21. Chicago Bulls Record: 21-28 Previous: 22

A 2-3 week bumped the Bulls up one spot on the NBA Power Ranking. The Bulls team MVP so far this year has been the first-time All-Star Zach Lavine.

22. Sacramento Kings Record: 22-29 Previous: 20

The Kings lost 4 out of the 5 games in Week 14. So far the team MVP goes to De’Aaron Fox thanks in large part to his career-high 24.7 PPG this season.

23. Toronto Raptors Record: 20-31 Previous: 24

The tough season for the Raptors continues after a 2-3 week. In a close race, the Raptors team MVP goes to Pascal Siakam

24. Oklahoma City Thunder Record: 20-30 Previous: 23

The Thunder lost 4 out of 5 in Week 14 to fall to 20-30 on the season. Although he is currently out due to injury, the team MVP goes to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

25. Cleveland Cavaliers Record: 18-32 Previous: 26

Cleveland won just one game last week which bumped them up one spot in the NBA Power Ranking. The team MVP goes to Collin Sexton who has been a bright point in a rough season for the Cavs, averaging nearly 24 points and 4 assists per game.

26. Washington Wizards Record: 17-32 Previous: 25

Washington falls to the bottom five in the power ranking after a 1-4 week. All-Star Brad Beal has been the team MVP with Russell Westbrook a very close second. 

27. Orlando Magic Record 17-33 Previous: 28

The Magic had a pretty solid week going 2-2, but that’s still not enough to take them out of the bottom five. The team MVP goes to Terrance Ross

28. Minnesota Timberwolves Record: 13-38 Previous 27

Minnesota also didn’t have a horrible week, going 2-2 as well. Injuries have hurt the Wolves this season, so with that in mind, the team MVP award goes to Anthony Edwards instead of Karl-Anthony Towns due to the amount of time Towns has missed. 

29. Detroit Pistons Record: 15-36 Previous: 30

The Pistons crawl out of the last spot on the NBA Power Ranking after a 3-3 week. Jerami Grant has been the runaway MVP for this team. 

30. Houston Rockets Record: 13-37 Previous: 29

Houston is back on a losing streak and back in last place in the rankings. Although he has missed time this year, the team MVP award goes to Christian Wood, averaging just under 21 PPG and 10 RPG during his time on the court this season. 

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