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Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff Fight Breakdown and Preview

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Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff is a one-to-watch co-main event for the ages and will be sure to showcase everything great about the UFC’s featherweight division. The two haven’t competed since January 2020 and have both had bouts fall through.

This weekend at UFC Vegas 23, they will be looking to bounce back from their year-long hiatus. Let us discuss how each man can get it done and highlight each fighter’s techniques and abilities inside of the octagon.

Arnold Allen

Kicking off this Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff preview is the “Almighty” Allen. He returns and jumps into the deep end after beating back-to-back veterans in Nik Lentz and Gilbert Melendez. Arnold is your average boxer who can grapple and throw a few kicks, however, there is more to it than that. Allen uses his jab feints to enter the pocket, but when he hangs in there, he manages to not only avoid being hit but hurt his opponent on their own terms.

Allen uses such slight techniques in everything he does, making him a must-watch fighter. Arnold uses head movement to such little extent but with maximum benefits. When he slips punches he keeps himself close enough to the centerline where he can push forward with strikes and inevitably end up into a clinch. “The Almighty” knows his place in the cage. When it comes to an opponent who has higher-level grappling, he will not dabble in that area, but his ground game is strong enough for him to defend and even offend against a higher-level striker.

Allen’s pressure is almost unmatched in the UFC’s featherweight division, even when getting hit, he can make such quick adjustments to keep the significant strikes landing whilst avoiding ones coming at him. His leg kicks are an untold tale in his game plan. Allen finds ways to damage effectively and knows when the technique should be doubled upon. There was a scene in the Gilbert Melendez fight where he landed a clean 1-2 calf kick combo, then when he attempted again it was checked. After this, he refused to allow himself to repeat such a mistake that was exposed early on.

Sodiq Yusuff

Continuing this Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff preview, we will discuss the abilities of “Super” Sodiq. Throughout his MMA career, Yusuff has kept it consistent with the majority of his record having a pattern of decision then finish. Looking to keep this streak going, Sodiq will be looking for a finish at UFC Vegas 23. This will not be his main goal going into this co-main event matchup.

Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff is the perfect opportunity for both men to showcase why they should be in the UFC’s top 10 featherweights. Yusuff’s ability to perform high volume combinations and then finishing them with a sweep is absolutely beautiful and was best showcased in his matchup against Andre Fili. Sodiq has a beautiful overhand right which he consistently counters when a leg kick or jab is thrown. With this power being held in every other one of his punches, he will be looking to hit Arnold hard, sharp, and often. Early success is nothing for Yusuff to rely on, as Allen is a cardio machine and can match Sodiq in stamina endurance.

Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff Breakdown

Finishing off this Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff preview, we will use the knowledge we have just gained to break down this amazing co-main event matchup. Both men possess power but in different ways. Allen has amazing pace and can drop anyone with a strong combination. Yusuff pushes forward with high volume and finishes his combo’s off with a technique to completely change the direction of his opponents, whether that be a sweep or a clinch entry.

Both contenders will be looking to prove why they are in the world’s top combat sports promotion and with a finish, they can solidify themselves as future title contenders. Counter striking and short grappling exchanges will make Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff a really interesting chess match that both educated and casual fight fans will love to watch.

Thank you for joining me in this Arnold Allen vs Sodiq Yusuff fight preview!

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