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Recently we ran an NCAA Bracket Challenge and invited our followers to participate in the contest. The winner not only received a cash prize but also a fan feature article! We had over 10 contestants and it came down to the wire but one person came out victorious.

I recently asked our winner Ricky Wilson (@wilson27) a little about himself, what sports he loves and what strategy did he use to come out on top in the bracket challenge.

Some background on Ricky Wilson

First can you tell me a little about your self ?

Midwest fantasy sports junkie especially football freak

I started as a kid as a cowboys fan, then transferred to the Steelers at age 12, always an Iowa Hawkeyes fan whose hobby is drafting or getting autographs from pro players and going to concerts before the pandemic. I love taking vacations to sunny California, and I plan to go to the 2022 All-Star game at Dodger stadium.

Who is the most famous player you ever got an autograph from?

Kurt Warner Deion sanders Dallas Clark Danica Patrick Kyle Busch Grant Hill Donald trump Elena dell Donne many others!

Ricky went on to describe his other interest and the unfortunate passing of his beloved Saint Bernard.

Absolutely a dog lover my Saint Bernard had to put down 2 years ago used to work as a volunteer for animal rescue league

We have one little dog now it’s about 120 lbs lighter than our Saint Bernard was

Ricky also talked about his love of podcast.

I just gained my 300th follower on Twitter have met a bunch of great podcasters on there. If it weren’t for podcasters, I’d have 290 fewer friends!

Rolling on the floor laughing

I’m an avid searcher on Twitter during football season for leagues available. In my mind, podcast is the greatest thing that’s happened in my life in the last 8 years or more

March Madness bracket strategy

I ask Ricky Wilson if he had a strategy and if so what strategy help lead him to his bracket challenge win.

Yeah, I actually do! Not to always pick the favs since everyone else usually does. Sometimes you gotta throw a monkey wrench in there and pray for the best it certainly makes the tournament more thrilling being a part of your special league.

I want to thank everyone that participated in the contest and give a special thank you to Ricky for taking the time out to answer our questions for the article!

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