2021 Houston Astros: Yordan The Great

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The 2021 Houston Astros have gotten off to a hot start this season, but no one has been hotter at the plate than the young phenom Designated Hitter, Yordan Alvarez.

2021 Houston Astros: First Hundred Games

When the Astros acquired Alvarez in a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers back in 2016, the Astros knew they were getting a special player. The Dodgers had signed Alvarez as an international signee back in 2015 out of Cuba. When the Astros called to talk about a trade, Alvarez was already one of the Dodgers organization’s top prospects. The Astros had watched Alvarez from afar, so when the time came, the Astros made a deal with the Dodgers that sent pitcher Josh Fields to the Dodgers for Alvarez. While Alvarez continues to find success at the big league level, Fields is no longer with the Dodgers and is currently with the Nashville Sounds, the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Although his career is essentially still getting started, Yordan Alvarez is already a seasoned veteran just by the numbers he continues to put up night after night. Since coming into the league in June of 2019, Alvarez has shown such poise at the plate for a 23-year-old with a slash line .310/.402/.648 in 415 plate appearances. Since winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2019, Alvarez has already cemented his name amongst some of the games’ best hitters who have played or are still currently playing the game.

In the next couple of games, Alvarez will be approaching the one hundred game mark of his career. In those one hundred games, Alvarez has managed to hit thirty home runs during this time. What makes this so unique is that Alvarez has placed himself some of the best hitters, both current and former, that have hit at least thirty home runs in their first one games of their career. Among this list, Mark McGwire (37), Cody Bellinger (34), Rudy York (33), Pete Alonso (33), Fernando Tatis Jr, Aaron Judge, and Alvarez all have thirty. That is some pretty good company.

Home runs are not the only thing that Alvarez does at the plate. Alvarez is approaching the one hundred game mark; Alvarez has already managed to drive in ninety runs to date. That averages out to an RBI in every 4.61 at-bats. Pretty impressive. If thirty home runs weren’t impressive enough, Alvarez has managed to drive runs via the extra-base hits (60); thirty of those sixty extra-base hits have been for doubles. Alvarez leads all Astros in the extra-base hit category through his first one hundred games. Carlos Correa is a close second at 46, and Alex Bregman is third on the list at 41.

2021 Houston Astros: Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that Alvarez has become a staple in the heart of this Astros lineup. The numbers he has put up in just a couple of seasons have been nothing short of remarkable. Managing to hit 27 home runs in 87 games in 2019 was phenomenal, and something baseball has never seen. It will be exciting to see how Alvarez progresses over the next few seasons because if he continues on this path, we might be witnessing something great very soon.

Injury Report: Enoli Paredes has been placed on the 10-day Injured List due to soreness on his right side. The Astros will continue to monitor his injury. The Astros have recalled pitcher Nivaldo Rodriguez from the alternate training site to fill the bullpen’s void.

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