MLB News: Controversial Call in Atlanta

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On April 11th, 2021, there was some interesting MLB News that took place on Sunday Night Baseball’s matchup between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves. On the apparent play, it was the top of the ninth inning, one out, and Phillies third baseman, Alec Bohm on third. If Bohm scores, it would give the Phillies the lead going into the bottom of the ninth inning. The batter was Phillies shortstop, Didi Gregorious.

The Phillies shortstop hit a fly ball into shallow left field, it was caught by Braves left fielder, Marcell Ozuna. Ozuna had gotten some momentum on his throw to home plate when Bohm ran home. The Phillies third baseman slid home and it appeared that he was safe at the plate, however, this is where this play became controversial in MLB news. The Braves challenged the play and it was apparent that Bohm was out at the plate, however, after a long period of time reviewing the call, the umpires ruled that Bohm was safe at the plate even though it was apparent that he was out.

MLB News: Reactions to the Call

This call had the MLB fandom and players extremely frustrated with this call. With fans and players always upset about umpiring calls and actions that they do, baseball players and fans everywhere were not happy with this. This has been a popular piece of MLB news for the past few days and who knows when it will calm down.

There hasn’t been much evidence that shows why the umpires and the MLB made the call to say that Bohm was safe at the plate. If the play is watched in slow motion the viewers can see that Bohm did not touch the plate when he slid into home plate. However, the fans and players are still very curious about how he was safe. This may be a piece of MLB news that will be talked about for a while and will always have fans guessing on what the MLB was thinking.

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