Week 15 NBA Power Ranking

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Week 15 NBA Power Ranking is here! This week we will be looking at each team’s focus heading into the playoff stretch.

*Stats and scores from games on 4/13/21 are not included. 

Week 15 NBA Power Ranking: 1-10

1. Utah Jazz Record: 40-14 Previous: 1

Following a 2-1 week that included wins against the Trail Blazers and Kings, the Jazz retain the top spot on the power ranking. Currently owning a 1.5 game lead over Phoenix and 3.5 game lead over the Clippers, Utah’s focus is to stay atop the West heading into the playoffs. 

2. Philadelphia 76ers Record: 37-17 Previous: 3

Joel Embiid is back, and the 76ers once again possess the top spot in the East after they went 2-1 in week 14 with wins over Oklahoma City and Dallas. While getting the top spot would be nice, Philadelphia’s main priority should be keeping their MVP candidate healthy. 

3. Brooklyn Nets Record: 36-17 Previous: 2

Kyrie Irving once again missed time for personal reasons as the Nets went 1-1 in week 14, with a win coming against New Orleans. The Nets have a ton of talent, but their main focus should be building chemistry and having a set rotation for the playoffs. 

4. Phoenix Suns Record: 38-15 Previous: 4

The Phoenix Suns had another great week as they went 3-1, with wins against Utah, Washington, and Houston. The Suns have a chance at getting the top seed in the West, and their main focus should be to continue winning games and get home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.  

5. Los Angeles Clippers Record: 37-18 Previous: 6

After a minor bump in the road, the Clippers are back on track, currently riding a five-game winning streak, putting them third in the East. While the Clippers would like to move up, they need to focus on establishing a consistent rotation for the playoffs.  

6. Milwaukee Bucks Record: 33-20 Previous: 7

The Bucks had a down week as they drop one spot, with their only win in week 14 coming against Orlando. Currently positioned as the third seed, Milwaukee would love to try and get the top seed to avoid either Philadelphia or Brooklyn in round two. 

7. Denver Nuggets Record: 34-20 Previous: 6

The Nuggets’ 2-2 week was completely overshadowed on Monday after Jamal Murray suffered a season-ending torn ACL. With Murray out for the year, Denver’s primary focus is seeing what they have in Facundo Campazzo at point guard come playoff time.  

8. Portland Trail Blazers Record: 31-22 Previous: 9

The Portland Trail Blazers continue to fly under the radar in the West, despite going 1-2 last week with their only win coming against Detroit. Finally fully healthy, the Trail Blazers are aiming to get into a rhythm that will set them up for success in the playoffs. 

9. Dallas Mavericks Record: 29-24 Previous: 8

The Mavericks had a down week in week 14 as they went 1-3, with their only win coming against the Bucks. Dallas is currently positioned as the seventh seed, and their focus should be to try and pass Portland to avoid the play-in tournament. 

10. Los Angeles Lakers Record: 33-21 Previous: 10

The Lakers continue to struggle without their two all-stars as they went 1-2 last week, with a win over the Nets. The Lakers are currently the fifth seed, but their focus has to be on getting LeBron James and Anthony Davis healthy for the playoffs. 

NBA Power Ranking: 11-20

11. Boston Celtics Record: 28-26 Previous: 14

The Celtics move up three spots after they went 3-0 last week, highlighted by a 53-point performance from Jayson Tatum. Boston has been extremely inconsistent all year, and their focus has to be on putting together a twenty-game stretch of winning basketball.  

12. Atlanta Hawks Record: 29-25 Previous: 11

The Hawks continue to win games as they went 2-1 in week 14, with wins against Charlotte and Chicago. Atlanta is currently positioned as the fourth seed, and their focus should be on continuing to win and hoping to keep that spot.  

13. Miami Heat Record: 28-25 Previous: 13

The Heat had a solid week, winning both of their games in week 14 against the Trail Blazers and Lakers. Victor Oladipo is banged up, but the Heat will be focused on getting everyone accustomed to playing together when he returns.  

14. New York Knicks Record: 28-27 Previous: 17

Coming off a 3-1 week that included wins against Memphis, Toronto, and Los Angeles, the Knicks move up three spots. New York is in a position to make the playoffs for the first time in a while, and their focus should be on trying to avoid the play-in games.  

15. Memphis Grizzlies Record: 27-25 Previous: 12

Following a 2-2 week that included wins against Atlanta and Chicago, the Grizzlies find themselves right in the mix in the West as an eight seed. With Jaren Jackson Jr. hopeful to return at some point in the future, the Grizzlies should be focused on stringing wins together and earning a playoff spot.  

16. Charlotte Hornets Record: 27-25 Previous: 15

The Charlotte Hornets have remained in playoff position as they went 2-1 last week, with wins against Oklahoma City and Milwaukee. With LaMelo Ball out, Charlotte is focused on the future, but it would still be nice to make the playoffs this season. 

17. San Antonio Spurs Record: 26-26 Previous: 16

The Spurs find themselves one game out of playoff position, behind the Grizzlies, after going 2-2 in week 14 with wins against Dallas and Orlando. San Antonio has nothing to lose and should be focused on earning that final playoff spot.  

18. Golden State Warriors Record: 26-28 Previous: 18

The Warriors are finally headed in the right direction as they went 2-1 last week, now two games behind Memphis for the eighth seed in the West. However, with Klay Thompson out for the year, the Warriors are likely focused on next season. 

19. Indiana Pacers Record: 25-27 Previous: 20

The Pacers had their best week since January in week 14 as they went 3-0, beating Minnesota, Orlando, and Memphis. With Caris Levert fully healthy, the Pacers should be focused on stringing wins together and earning a playoff spot in the East.  

20. New Orleans Pelicans Record: 25-29 Previous: 19

The Pelicans had another great week as they have crept closer to playoff contention, now three games behind Memphis for the eighth seed in the West. With Zion Williamson playing at an elite level, the Pelicans should be focused on getting that final playoff spot and getting meaningful experience for their players.  

NBA Power Ranking: 21-30

21. Chicago Bulls Record: 22-31 Previous: 21

The Bulls continue to be in a weird spot where they are the best among teams that aren’t in the playoff picture. Their focus should be on playing young players, losing games, and earning a higher draft positioning for the lottery. 

22. Toronto Raptors Record: 21-33 Previous: 23

Toronto has completely taken themselves out of the playoff picture as they went 1-2 last week, now 6.5 games behind the eighth seed. With this year likely a lost cause, Toronto should already be focused on upgrading at center in the offseason. 

23. Washington Wizards Record: 20-33 Previous: 26

The Wizards had a great week, going 3-1, with wins against Orlando, Golden State, and Utah. However, considering that they are seven games behind the eighth seed, they should be focused on the draft and building for the future.  

24. Cleveland Cavaliers Record: 19-34 Previous: 25

Cleveland had an okay week, going 1-2, with their lone win coming against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Built for the future, Cleveland should focus on getting their young guys playing time while looking forward to the draft.  

25. Sacramento Kings Record: 22-32 Previous: 22

The Kings continue to drop as they currently own a seven-game losing streak, the NBA’s longest streak. It’s clear that Luke Walton needs to go, and Sacramento should be focused on hiring a new Head Coach.  

26. Oklahoma City Thunder Record: 20-33 Previous: 24

With their young guys getting all the playing time, Oklahoma City has struggled, now riding a six-game losing streak. As shown by Al Horford‘s benching, OKC is focused on improving their draft position and playing their young players.  

27. Minnesota Timberwolves Record: 14-40 Previous: 28

Minnesota went 1-2 in week 14, with their lone win coming against the Chicago Bulls. Anthony Edwards has been great lately, and Minnesota’s focus should be on letting the potential Rookie of the Year develop. 

28. Orlando Magic Record: 17-37 Previous: 27

The Magic continue to struggle as they went 0-4 last week and are now on a six-game losing streak. One major focus for the Magic should be getting Mohamed Bamba playing time and seeing if he can be a part of their rotation in the future.  

29. Detroit Pistons Record: 16-38 Previous: 29

The Pistons went 1-2 in week 14, with their lone win coming against the lackluster Sacramento Kings. Rookies Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart have shown promise, and Detroit’s focus should be on getting them playing time. 

30. Houston Rockets Record: 14-40 Previous: 30

Once again, the Houston Rockets come in last place as they went 1-3 in week 14, with their only win coming against Dallas. The Rockets’ focus has been on improving their draft position, and younger players such as Kevin Porter Jr. should see significant playing time.

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