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32 Mocks in 32 Days: Green Bay Packers Full Seven-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Before a 2021 NFL Mock draft can be done, teams must first address free agency. It is the only major pro sports league in the U.S where that happens and is one of the reasons that people love football. With a team that was perhaps a play or two away from being in the Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers did not have a ton to do in the off-season aside from a couple of re-signings. The two biggest names that the team wanted to bring back were center Corey Linsley and running back Aaron Jones. Then, to a lesser extent, they wanted to try and bring back running back Jamaal Williams and tackle Rick Wagner.

With little cap space, the team could probably only bring back one or two of their free agents, but who? With the center positions being much more shallow around the league than running back or even tackle, many assumed that Green Bay would prioritize the man in the middle, even over a great back like Jones.


The Packers decided that bringing back Jones was the best use of their resources…and here we are. Linsley is in San Diego, Williams is in Detroit, Wagner is still a free agent, and the center position in Green Bay will either be filled internally or through the draft. No one ever truly knows what GM Brian Gutenkunst is thinking, but for fun, let"s take a look at how things might shake out in our Green Bay Packers seven-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

Green Bay Packers Seven-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Day One

**Trade: Indianapolis receives 1.29, 3.92 and 4.132. Green Bay receives 1.21

1.21 | Greg Newsome ll | CB | Northwestern

We all know that Green Bay is willing to go up and get their man when they want him, even if it means ruffling the feathers of star QB Aaron Rodgers. Bringing in yet another player to help the defense, instead of an interior lineman or pass-catcher, would surely do just that. All off-season Rodgers has taken a look at what his post-packers life would be like. From his “beautiful mystery" comments regarding his future to his hosting of Jeopardy!, Rodgers has strung us all along in an effort to show that he is not defined by Green Bay. The Packers could be ready to state that they are not defined by Rodgers, as well.

With Jordan Love waiting in the wings, Green Bay is surely viewing this draft not only as one last chance to load up for a Super Bowl with Aaron but as a draft to build for 2022 and beyond.

Newsome checks both of those blocks. Not only is he able to step in immediately on the outside, but he is also viewed by many as having a chance to be the best pro career out of any corner drafted this month. Newsome is an extremely lengthy, aggressive player who is actually best suited for the zone. He is always near the ball and is not afraid whatsoever to tackle. He needs to work on his angles in run support and has slight durability concerns, but that is nitpicking. The Packers finally have their answer at the cornerback position opposite Jaire Alexander.

Green Bay Packers Seven-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Day Two

2.62 | Jabril Cox | LB | LSU

Jabril Cox is in a lot of people"s minds who are doing a 2021 NFL mock draft. Many teams that are weak at the linebacker position will be drafting right around his ADP in round two. Will anyone pull the trigger before this? Probably, but in this scenario…he was there…and the Packers snag their man. Cox transferred from NDSU to LSU during the pandemic in order to play a full season of SEC football. It worked out well for the linebacker, as he was able to showcase excellent run support while covering tight ends and the occasional slot receiver. Jamin Davis was also available but we went with the player with the more modern skillset.

Green Bay Packers 2021 Seven-Round NFL Mock Draft: Day Three

4.135 | Shi Smith | WR | South Carolina

Smith has some of the best acceleration in this class. Period. At this point in the draft, to be able to add a player that is this dynamic is an absolute steal. Perhaps Smith is here still based on his limited route tree and his smaller stature but even considering that Smith has the potential to be a special player. If Shi can put just a little more weight onto his 5-10 185-lb frame, he is going to be a load to take down, if they can even catch him to begin with.

5.173 | Kendrick Green | OG | Illinois

Green has been a very highly graded player who has improved every year as a three-year starter at Illinois. Green is explosive off the ball and is always churning his legs. He can play both guard and tackle, which is a plus for the Packers who have been shuffling the line this off-season after losing Linsley. It will allow them multiple choices for the center AND guard positions come training camp. Also, worst-case scenario, Green is an extremely capable backup who is trained at multiple spots. Not bad for the 173rd overall pick in the draft.

5.178 | David Moore | OL | Grambling State

Moore is a very good athlete who showed well at the Senior Bowl. He is coming from a small school and has to learn to place his hands better, both will be learning experiences. The talent is that of a second or third-round pick, however, so it is well worth the “redshirt year" that Moore may require. He also has positional and scheme versatility, what more do you want? That is now three straight picks that will help Aaron Rodgers…wow…even writing that sounds weird.

MOBILE, AL – JANUARY 27: Kellen Mond of the Texas A&M Aggies and David Moore of Grambling State practice with the American Team ahead of the 2021 Reese"s Senior Bowl at Hancock Whitney Stadium on January 27, 2021 in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo by Senior Bowl/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

6.214 | Mark Gilbert | CB | Duke

And back to defense one last time we go! Gilbert was once viewed as a first-round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. Injuries have forced him all the way down to a mid to late-round prospect. Gilbert is still working on getting his explosiveness back, however, so teams probably should not sleep on him. The Duke product might just be more motivated, based on past injuries, than any other player in this draft.

6.220 | Demetric Felton | RB | UCLA

With the Packers" recent commitment to Aaron Jones, it makes sense to continue to use him just as much as before, if not more, while simultaneously keeping him available for the life of the contract. The best way to do that is to get him some help in the backfield. They did that last year with AJ Dillon and he is set to take the bulk of the backup RB carries and become the goal-line TD vulture. There is still space there for a pass-catching specialist like Felton, who can also be used as a slot WR like he was while at UCLA.

7.256 | Tony Poljan | TE | Virginia

Poljan is another extremely athletic prospect, one who is also a former QB at Central Michigan. After transferring to Virginia, Poljan gave tight end a try, and he went on to post over 900 yards and ten touchdowns in 21 games for the Hokies. Some team is going to get a steal in the seventh round of the draft, so I"ll just keep putting him into every single mock that he makes sense to be put into.

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