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Lion Fight 65: Incredible and Inspiring Story of Jake Peacock

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Jake Peacock stole the eyes of the combat world when he won the super welterweight title at Lion Fight 65. The Muay Thai event was aired on April 9th, on UFC Fight Pass in Salina, Kansas. Smaller organizations are more entertaining than most would believe from the low advertisement. Jake Peacock deals with a pretty difficult problem being born with a deformed right arm. This problem does not slow Jake down as we take a look at this amazing journey.

The Discovery

After reading an article on the UFC website, a certain story stuck out. That fighter was Jake Peacock, a Muay Thai contender in a smaller promotion Lion Fight. The article acknowledged the right arm issue and how it never held Jake from believing in himself. Online, there was little information found other than a canceled bout and one MMA decision loss.

In Muay Thai, Jake has knocked out each opponent through four fights. His physical condition questions the striking ability just because of the sport. However, that has not been a problem through four professional fights. Jake Peacock’s next fight was at Lion Fight 65 where the undefeated record was on the line.

His next opponent was Kaleb Hunter who was also coming off a knockout win in his last fight. Hunter, just like Peacock, was holding onto an undefeated (4-0) record as well. This fight served as the co-main event with the vacant super welterweight title was up for grabs. Either way, between Hunter and Peacock, someone was going to see an L for the first time.

The Fight

Starting close in the clinch, both fighters land a trip yet neither fighter receives any hard shots. Hunter was closing the distance after Jake Peacock landed a couple of solid leg kicks. With less space, Hunter was able to land knees in the clinch but through the first three rounds, Jake was landing the better strikes.

Two minutes into the fourth round Jake Peacock lands a perfect liver shot, making Hunter’s glove touch the floor. Amidst the knockdown, Hunter was able to stand up and make a quick recovery. The last round starts and Peacock looks determined for the kill. Landing kicks and lefts, he knocked Kelab Hunter down two more times. In the end, Jake Peacock was crowned as the new super welterweight champion at Lion Fight 65.

Peacock will have to reach for a new goal after becoming champion. That goal will be to defend that title against anyone willing to take the challenge. After keeping his knockout and winning streak alive, the pressure will only grow.

The Experience

Being an MMA fan today is quite the hobby and can take up hours of the day. With today’s technology, we can find countless stories like this on many platforms. Although most fans prefer to watch the main stream events, Lion Fight 65 and Jake Peacock’s story will always catch the attention of anyone.

This is not a bash on fans but it’s rather an advertisement for people who enjoy the fastest growing sport in today’s time. UFC Fight Pass, Showtime, Bareknuckle.TV, Fite, DAZN, Bleacher Report, and YouTube, all have minor league shows around the world. Your mind will be blown watching grappling tournaments with Kazushi “The Gracie Hunter” Sakuraba still competing.

There’s just so much out there to watch in the combat world. Unlike now, the original days of watching the VHS tape of UFC 9 are no longer an issue. Learning about stories like Jake Peacock’s success is the hidden love of combat sport.

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