The Bad News Bulls: The Chicago Bulls Season

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The Chicago Bulls season has been a rough one to say the least. The last time the Bulls were in contention for the playoffs was when their starting point guard was Rajon Rondo. Unfortunately, for this season that misfortune will likely continue. Since trading for star big man Nikola Vucevic the Bulls have gone 3-8. Not to mention a recent loss to the Orlando Magic, the second worst team in the Eastern Conference.

The Bad News

Chicago Bulls fans were waken up to the bad news Thursday morning, that all-star guard Zach LaVine has entered the leagues health and safety protocol and could miss up to 10 games. It doesn’t get much worse than that, as it stands right now the Bulls have lost four straight games and currently sit five games our of the eight seed in the eastern conference.

Nikola Vucevic will now take over as the teams primary scorer. Billy Donovan now finds himself without his best player and scorer and will have to release on the Bulls depleted depth they have to work with. Donovan has failed to put out a consistent starting lineup all season, understandable with a first year head coach and with a young team like the Bulls. 

It Gets Worse

The bad news Bulls unlucky season continues to get worse, not to mention the fact that the Orlando Magic have a better record since the blockbuster Nikola Vucevic deal. Orlando also owns the Bulls first round pick for 2021 and 2023. Unless something changes drastically the Bulls have flat out lost the trade. The Bulls now enter the last 18 games with a sizable deficit to makeup in the standings and they will be without their 27 PPG scorer in Zach LaVine.

Hows their schedule you ask? Well the Bulls have 18 games left and have the eighth hardest schedule remaining. With opponents such as Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Miami and Philadelphia. 

At this point it will be a miracle if the Bulls can maintain a top ten seed in the eastern conference, yes you read that right. Toronto and Washington only trail the Bulls by one game in the standings and Cleveland is only two games behind Chicago. The Chicago Bulls may likely fall all the way to 13th in the eastern conference. Not an ideal spot for a team that doesn’t own a first round pick in this years draft. 

The Ugly Chicago Bulls Season Continues

Don’t get me wrong there is still a decent amount of talent on this roster, however it’s hard not to believe that this team is in trouble considering the fact they will be without LaVine for at least 8 games and they haven’t looked sharp since the all-star break. This team will always hold a special place in my heart; however, as of right now it looks like this will be a lost and unsuccessful Chicago Bulls season. Bulls fans should be excited for an offseason that could involve signing a good number of free agents.

Just a quick reminder that the bad news Chicago Bulls haven’t been to the NBA Finals since some guy named Michael Jordan was jumping out of the building. The Bulls also haven’t been to the eastern conference finals since Derrick Roses MVP season. Don’t look for either of those to change anytime soon. 

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