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The Amazing Three Stars of the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2021 NHL Season

Throughout the season, three players have stood out as the three stars of the Carolina Hurricanes organization. These three stars have produced no matter who they have been paired with, and have outplayed their opponents night in and night out. These three stars will include considerations for the top goalie of the Hurricanes, however, these three stars will focus on skaters and exclude those of goalies.

Carolina Hurricanes Three Stars

Third Star – Nino Niederreiter

The third star is possibly a dark horse of the group, Nino Niederreiter. Nino has put up four game-winning goals this season, matching the likes of Sidney Crosby, Sebastian Aho, and Aleksander Barkov. As well, Niederreiter can boast a career-high +/- of +17 putting him at a tie with Auston Matthews and Ryan O"Reilly.

Overall, the 28-year-old has contributed offensively and defensively with a high degree of efficiency. Niederreiter has been able to fill in roles on any line, being moved between lines as players are removed due to injury, or simply needing a rest in a strenuous season.

Overall Niederreiter has been a solid player this season, and has been showing off how he has been aging like a fine wine, developing continually through his career even if he is considered to be past his prime, earning him his sport in the top three stars.

Second Star – Dougie Hamilton

Unsurprisingly, the second star in this team is star defensemen Dougie Hamilton. Hamilton has been pulling off a classic performance never disappointing at either end of the ice. Hamilton has put up 33 points this season, assisting goals at every opportunity, and occasionally ripping a slap shot from the point. When playing in defence, Hamilton has proven every night why he belongs on the top line for the Hurricanes.

Hamilton is able to regain possession of the puck anywhere on the ice to turn the game around and help his team get back on the attack. When his team is down in the game he is quickly able to help get them motivated and back on track, which is a big reason why his team is in contention for the presidents trophy and has topped the league at multiple points during the season.

Capping off his amazing season is the fact that he had still been recovering from an injury sustained before the playoffs when the season started and has still managed to put up some amazing figures this season. A solid player in the lineup, Hamilton easily makes the list of the three stars in the Hurricanes organization.

Honorable Mentions

This list would be incomplete without mentioning certain key players in the organization. Andrei Svechnikov has had a great year after shocking the world with multiple lacrosse goals, and a stellar playoff performance. Svechnikov could fight for a spot on this list, but just misses the cut as some players have out shown him in terms of helping the team reach the position they"re in.

Captain Jordan Staal as always leads his team through multiple victories and tough situations, including coming back from losing back-to-back games against the Detroit Red Wings. Staal has managed an impressive number on the stats sheet, coming fifth in his team in terms of points, even while playing on the third line for his team.

Anyone would be remiss to not mention starting goalie Petr Mrazek in a list of stars for the Hurricanes. Although his season started out rough, being dealt an injury early in the season, Mrazek came back and took over for a strong Alexander Nedeljkovic who had multiple shutouts, only to see Mrazek return the favor and have a shut out and tying Nedeljkovic at three on the season.

First Star – Sebastian Aho

Unsurprisingly Aho takes the first star of the Hurricanes organization. Aho has consistently been given first-line minutes consistently, being the difference-maker for his team. He currently leads his team in points, contributing 39 points so far this season which places him at a tie with Alexander Ovechkin and Joe Pavelski.

The key to Aho"s game is his passing abilities, he has been able to set up anyone that the coaching staff puts him on a line with. As well, Aho has put up four game winning goals, with one being an overtime winner for his team, securing the victory on multiple occasions.

Not one to skip out on the defensive side of his game, Aho plays as a strong two-way forward and is often able to push players off the puck, being unafraid to use his wide frame and play the physical side of the game. Aho still has plenty of time left in the season to put up more points, and his contribution should make for an interesting rest of the competition.

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