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Jared Vanderaa Interview: “I Got the Nerves Out, and I’m Excited For This Next Match”

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While Jared Vanderaa didn’t get his hand raised after his last UFC fight, don’t be fooled. “The Mountain” holds an 11-5 record with 10 wins via KO/TKO, or submission.

Vanderaa is a ruthless prospect who shows signs of greatness at the young age of 28. First making a start to his professional MMA career in promotions such as KOTC and SMASH Global, Vanderaa brutalized his way down the path to his shot on Dana White’s Contender Series. Accruing a phenomenal 10-4 record leading into his DWCS fight against Harry Hunsucker, “The Mountain” would need only 3:34 seconds to put his opponent away via ground and pound.

After this first-round finish, Vanderaa would be awarded a contract and face a giant challenge for his UFC debut in Sergey Spivak. While this fight didn’t go Vanderaa’s way, see what he had to say about this performance, his upcoming fight with Justin Tafa, and so much more down below!

Jared Vanderaa Interview

How has life been for you living under this global pandemic? Describe the biggest hurdles that this pandemic has presented, and what you’ve had to change because of it.

Jared Vanderaa: Life has been the same. The pandemic didn’t really hit me at all. Wake up, train, complain, eat, teach, sleep and repeat. Nothing has really changed at all for me.

So Jared, are you having to cut down to 265 again for this fight? If so, how’s that going? Is there anything new you’ve been doing to try and help make the weight cut to 265 an easier process for you?

Jared Vanderaa: Well I am still heavy as of now, but I’m hoping if I stay consistent on my diet I will be under the weight limit during fight week. So instead of the stress of my weight cut, I can relax and stay in the right frame of mind.

Talk about MMA and what led you to get into the sport. What inspired you the most to take this path?

Jared Vanderaa: I got into it during my wrestling years back in high school. Made a decision when I was 17, basically all or nothing. I knew if I went to school or went hard in the workforce I could never get to the top of the sport, so I went all in.

Looking at Justin Tafa, what is something he does that you can say impresses you if anything? What are your thoughts on how you guys match up stylistically?

Jared Vanderaa: Justin Tafa is tough and hits hard. Great striking skills and I think this could be a great chess match in the striking department. I personally enjoy fighting lefties a lot too so that always helps.

Describe the emotions you feel before a fight. What is the most nervous or excited you’ve ever been before making the walk out to a cage?

Jared Vanderaa: The most nervous I have ever been was my last fight and it could be seen in the absence of my ground game. But I was also excited that I was there and this is where I want to be. I got the nerves out, and I’m excited for this next match.

Interview Recap

So, there you have it, folks! Shouts out to Jared Vanderaa for making the time for this interview! Be sure to follow him on social media to be a part of his MMA journey to the top!

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