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2021 MLB Injury Updates: Stephen Strasburg Heads to IL

If the 5-9 (.417) start to the Wahington Nationals season wasn’t bad enough, the latest MLB injury updates now have Nats righty Stephen Strasburg on the IL. Strasburg was due to make his third start today (vs. the Diamondbacks) but was scratched. On the season, Strasburg has had two starts (total 10.0 IP), netting himself an 0-1 record, a 6.30 ERA, and a less than desirable WHIP of 1.600; he has also collected 11 punchouts.

Strasburg is now being sidelined for right shoulder inflammation, but although he is currently listed on the 10-Day IL, there is reportedly no timetable for his return. Joining Strasburg is Nationals’ RHP (reliever) Wander Suero, who is also now on the 10-Day IL with an oblique issue. Other Washington pitchers currently sidelined include starter LHP Jon Lester (COVID-19 protocols), righty-reliever Will Harris (inflammation in his throwing hand), and lefty-reliever Luis Avilán, who’s out with a UCL tear.

Nationals’ manager Dave Martinez told MLB.com, “For me, it’s been a crazy start of the year from the beginning. We’ve got to start looking at some of this stuff and the possibility of some of these things happening. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve got to move on.”

The Nationals have been battling uphill since what should have been Opening Day when their opening series with the Mets was canceled due to COVID-19 issues.

MLB Injury Updates: Strasburg’s Injury History

Although a force to be reckoned with when healthy, Strasburg – currently enjoying a seven-year/$245M contract – is certainly no stranger to injury issues. According to spotrac.com, Strasburg’s injuries include:

08/15/2020 – 09/27/2020 WSH Hand 44 $8,512,988
07/25/2018 – 08/22/2018 WSH Shoulder 29 $2,338,966
06/09/2018 – 07/20/2018 WSH Shoulder 42 $3,387,468
07/27/2017 – 08/19/2017 WSH Elbow 24 $1,967,208
08/21/2016 – 09/07/2016 WSH Elbow 18 $1,022,958
06/16/2016 – 07/03/2016 WSH Back 18 $1,022,958
07/05/2015 – 08/08/2015 WSH Oblique 35 $1,415,295
05/30/2015 – 06/23/2015 WSH Neck 25 $1,010,925
06/06/2013 – 06/16/2013 WSH Arm 11 $234,421
03/28/2012 – 10/03/2012 WSH Elbow- TJ Surg. 190 $3,114,670
03/31/2011 – 09/06/2011 WSH Elbow- TJ Surg. 160 $2,185,760
08/24/2010 – 10/03/2010 WSH Elbow 41 $868,175
07/29/2010 – 08/10/2010 WSH Shoulder 13 $275,275
TOTALS 650 $27,357,067
Information provided from spotrac.com

Let that marinate… $27,357,067 in total salary paid to Strasburg for injured time over the course of his (now) 12 seasons in MLB. All I can say is that’s one hell of a workman’s comp policy…

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