2021 Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s 200th MLB Game

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The 2021 Blue Jays flew into Boston to take on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, game one was also a milestone game for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as he played in his 200th career MLB game. Now in his third season in the major leagues and he has been nothing short of exciting to watch each and every game, this season he has taken his game to a new level and the experience and dedication are paying off.

2021 Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Game #200

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. entered the 200th game of his MLB career against the red hot Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. His first at-bat in his 200th game was a walk, kind of ironic with how hard and well he has been hitting the ball this season. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. went hitless in the game, breaking a nine-game hitting streak that he brought into the game versus the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, the Blue Jays fell to the Boston Red Sox by a score of 4-2, not how anyone wants to end their 200th game in MLB, however, there is plenty for Guerrero Jr. to be excited about, currently sitting with a .368 batting average and a 1.125 OPS and an OBP of .493 in 57 at-bats this season. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has 4 home runs, 11 RBI’s, and 1 stolen base.

2021 Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Stats Through 200 MLB Games

Guerrero Jr. has played three seasons in MLB, he has 742 at-bats during his three seasons with an impressive .276 batting average. In 742 AB’s, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has 205 hits, 28 home runs, 113 RBI’s, and scored 96 runs in 200 career games. He has become the face of the 2021 Blue Jays and appears to have a long career ahead of him.

Since making his MLB debut there is no doubt that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was going to be exciting to watch for whatever fanbase he became loved by, a hard hitter, with a father who was loved by a country and so many, the writing was on the wall and the Toronto Blue Jays were lucky enough to get the talented infielder, they will keep him for as long as they can and he will hopefully, help bring another World Series Title to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2021 Blue Jays: The Growth Of Vladdy

He has gone from an everyday 3rd baseman to an everyday first baseman. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. entered MLB a little overweight as a rookie, since then he has put in a ton of work over the offseason and entered the 2021 Blue Jays season 40 pounds lighter than he was in his first two seasons. He has become the Blue Jays everyday 1st baseman and he has clearly put in the work. In 2021 we have seen Vladimir Guerrero Jr. make some impressive plays at first base, from doing the splits to digging and scooping balls out of the dirt.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s versatility on the defensive side of the ball will only help the longevity of his MLB career, his hitting skills will keep him at the top of the hitting stats and rankings for years to come, just as his father Vladimir Guerrero did for so many years in Montreal and Los Angeles.

Comparing Guerrero Jr. & Guerrero Sr.

Let’s compare how Vladimir Guerrero Jr. stacks up against his dad Vladimir Guerrero sr. through their first two MLB seasons. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was 20-years old when he made his MLB debut, his dad Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was 21-years old.

MLB Debut Season Comparison

Vladimir Guerrero Sr made his MLB debut in 1996 with the Montreal Expos, playing in nine games that season he had 27 at-bats, he registered five hits, and one home run, finishing the 1996 season with a .185 batting average.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made his MLB debut in 2019, he played in 123 games that season, recording 464 at-bats, 126 hits, 69 RBIs, 15 home runs, and a .272 batting average.

Second MLB Season Comparison

The second MLB season for Guerrero Jr was much different than any season his father played through during his 16-year career, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. played a shortened season due to Covid-19, the virus that caused a global pandemic. In year two for Vladimir Guerrero Sr. he played in 90 games, he had 325 at-bats, accumulated 98 hits, 11 home runs, 48 RBIs, and a. 302 batting average.

In Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s second season in MLB, he played in 60 games due to the shortened season, he had 221 at-bats, 58 hits, 33 RBIs, and nine home runs, finishing the season with a .262 batting average.

Both father and son can hit the ball and hit it hard, Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was with the Montreal Expos for eight MLB seasons, the longest time he spent with any organization during his 16 seasons. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps as he has now become one of the faces of an MLB franchise located in Canada. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was a nine-time All-Star, and eight-time Silver Slugger, and in 2004 was the MVP, on route to Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame. One stat both Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and Guerrero Jr. share, they both finished 6th in Rookie of the Year voting.

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