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The Charlotte Story: How the 2021 Charlotte Hornets Went from Unwatchable to Unbelievable

When the 2020 – 21 NBA season began, there was not much expectations for the Hornets. So much so that the Hornets were barely featured on any national television games. Now, the tides have turned for the 2021 Charlotte Hornets.

Thanks to a solid roster of role players, an energetic announcer, and the prospect of making the playoffs for the first time in six years, the 2021 Charlotte Hornets one of the most exciting teams of the NBA season. A stark contrast between being boring and only being watched when an elite team is playing you to now being regulars on the highlight reel. How did it come to be? Well, it is time to explain why the Hornets went from also-rans to must-see television.

Roster Rehaul

In the offseason, the 2021 Charlotte Hornets decided to make changes to their roster, and it feels like all parts have made the experience watchable.

First off, the Hornets struck gold by drafting LaMelo Ball with the 3rd overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft. LaMelo, even before his wrist injury, was in the highlight reels and in the minds of fans and experts alike. This being for his assists and the idea that he is the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year.

The other big move that the 2021 Charlotte Hornets made in the offseason was trading for Gordon Hayward and signing him to a four-year, $120 million deal. Critics said even before Hayward played his first game with the Hornets that the contract was one of the worst in NBA history. Safe to say, in 44 games, Hayward being the second leading scorer on a playoff contender, makes the contract worth it in the first year.

You cannot think about the Hornets success without thinking about the role players that make the Charlotte Hornets worthwhile. Terry Rozier is the leading scorer with 20.7 PPG, Devonte Graham is a solid guard that you can plug in either as a starter or 6th man, PJ Washington is a solid forward, and Miles Bridges. You cannot have a highlight reel after a Hornets game without seeing a Bridges dunk, especially a poster dunk.

Exciting Announcing

When NBA fans watch a Charlotte Hornets game on NBA League Pass, they are grateful to hear the stylings of Dell Curry, a Charlotte Hornets legend and the father of Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry and Philadelphia Sixers’ Seth Curry, and Eric Collins.

Collins turns every moment of a Hornets game (home or away) into excitement. Whether it is a three-pointer from Devonte Graham or a rim-rattling dunk by Miles Bridges, Eric Collins will make a game exciting to watch if fans are not able to attend a game at the Spectrum Center.

Dell Curry is no slouch on the announcing table. Curry’s years in the NBA have helped him make watching the game knowledgeable. Along with Eric Collins, Curry also gets excited at key moments of the game. Watch a Charlotte Hornets game on Bally Sports Southeast (fka Fox Sports Southeast) and NBA fans will get to see why the Charlotte Hornets are an exciting team to watch.

Playoff Positioning

With less than a month left before the Play-in Tournament/Playoffs are set to begin, the Charlotte Hornets are currently 28-29, which puts them in 8th place in the Eastern Conference and keeps them in line for a spot in the play-in tournament. Experts and critics can say that maybe a long break from the action and not being eligible for the NBA bubble helped the Hornets out.

If the season ended tonight, the Charlotte Hornets would take on the 7th seeded Miami Heat for the opportunity to participate in the 2021 NBA Playoffs as the 7th seed and a chance to play the 2nd seeded Brooklyn Nets. While there is still time left to make a run, the Charlotte Hornets’ surprising first half keeps them in the minds of fans looking for a Hornets playoff series.

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