Week 16 NBA Power Rankings

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Week 16 NBA Power Rankings 1-10

1) Utah Jazz Record: 44-15 Previous: 1

The Utah Jazz has another strong week finishing 4-1. The only loss coming in Overtime to the Los Angeles Lakers, but they were able to redeem the loss and beat them two days later 111-97. The Jazz had a light schedule for the week, as they took out the Thunder, Pacers, and Rockets.

2) Phoenix Suns Record: 42-16 Previous: 4

The Phoenix Suns jump to 2nd after one of the games of the year beating the Philadelphia 76ers 116-113 on April 21st. Joel Embiid‘s final heave almost rattled home to tie the game. A 4-1 week, which also saw them take down the Milwaukee Bucks 128-127 in overtime.

3) Philadelphia 76ers Record: 39-19 Previous:2

The schedule makers were after the 76ers this week and dropping a spot was a tough decision to make, with wins over the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers. Steph Curry’s red hot performances showed up in Philly as he led the Warriors to a win dropping 49 points. As previously mentioned the Suns got the big win over Philly and got the bump up. Philly is still in a strong position as they still sit atop the Eastern Conference.

4) Los Angeles Clippers Record 42-19 Previous 5

The Clippers jump up a spot with a strong 5-1 week. The Clippers have really been pushing their depth and have shown the ability to get W’s and not push the limit of their two top players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

5) Brooklyn Nets Record 39-20 Previous 3

Week 16 was not kind to the Brooklyn Nets as Kevin Durant had another leg injury and James Harden had a setback with his injury. The Nets went 3-3 on the week, but more importantly, they need to make sure they get their star players back from injury.

6) Denver Nuggets Record 38-20 Previous 7

The Nuggets lost Jamal Murray, which really hurts their chances this postseason. However, the team rallied and had a 4-0 week. Nikola Jokic dominated in an Overtime win over the Grizzlies 139-137. They also signed veteran guard Austin Rivers to a 10 day contract, and he hit a big 3 in the 4th quarter to get the win over the Blazers 106-105.

7) Milwaukee Bucks Record 35-22 Previous 6

Not a great week 16 for the Bucks as they go 2-2 and drop a spot in the rankings. They still have a sizeable lead on 3rd place in the East. The big matchup this week will be against 1st place 76ers.

8) Boston Celtics Record 31-27 Previous 11

The Boston Celtics jump three spots again as they stay hot with a 3-1 week, but their last game ended in a loss to the Bulls 96-102. They did take down three teams from the West and especially holding off a 47 point performance from Steph Curry.

9) Los Angeles Lakers Record 35-23 Previous 10

The Lakers continue to keep their season afloat going 2-2 on the week. It was a big week for the Los Angeles Lakers as they welcome the return of Anthony Davis April 22nd against the Dallas Mavericks.

10) Portland Trail Blazers Record 32-26 Previous 8

The Blazers went 1-4 on the week, and four of those games came down to only 1 point. The Blazers really struggle with Damian Lillard not on the floor and he was out with injury this week, for 3 of the games. Norman Powell missed a last second shot against the Nuggets on the 21st which would have put them in a much better spot to finish week 16.

Week 16 NBA Power Rankings 11-20

11) New York Knicks Record 33-27 Previous 14

The New York Knicks jump three spots again as they are the hottest team in basketball. Winners of eight straight and 5-0 for the week. Coach Thibs has the Knicks heading in the right direction as they look to get back in the playoffs for the 1st time since 2013.

12) Dallas Mavericks Record 31-26 Previous 9

The Dallas Mavericks seem to just be getting through the regular season. A lot of lethargic starts and it really cost them a loss to the Kings. Owner Mark Cuban had some strong words about the play-in tournament, for teams that are in seed 7-10. “To avoid being involved they need to move up the standings.”

13) Atlanta Hawks Record 32-27 Previous 12

Week 16 brought good news and bad news for the Atlanta Hawks. The Good: Played well and went 3-2. The Bad: The injury to Trae Young. He suffered a left ankle sprain and is getting a MRI on Thursday. The Hawks will need their lead guard for a playoff run and have to find a way to win games without him.

14) Miami Heat Record 31-28 Previous 13

The Heat started slow losing the first 3 games of the week and ended week 16 strong winning the last 3. The Heat will be a dangerous team, if they get clicking on all cylinders. The big question is will it happen this year, or next?

15) Golden State Record 29-30 Previous 18

Steph Curry’s streak of hot shooting came to end against the Wizards, but before that game: 49 at Philly, 47 at Boston, 33 at Cleveland, and 42 at OKC. A 3-2 week which could have been better, but a brutal missed layup by Andrew Wiggins at the end of the Wizards game cost the Warriors a big one.

16) Memphis Grizzlies Record 29-28 Previous 15

Week 16 brought a 2-3 record for the Grizzlies. Their young nucleus of Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr, are the future of the team and they are still hoping to have Jaren Jackson Jr by the end of the year.

17) San Antonio Spurs Record 28-29 Previous 17

The Spurs had a surprising blowout of the Suns 111-85. Week 16 did see them go 2-3, which leads to no movement on the rankings and stuck in the play-in tournament.

18) Charlotte Hornets Record 28-29 Previous 16

The Charlotte Hornets struggled this week going 1-4 and their only win being against the Blazers without Damian Lillard. A young team is still in the mix, for a playoff spot, but are heading in the wrong direction for that to happen.

19) Indiana Pacers Record 27-31 Previous 19

The Pacers have lost the league leader in blocks in Myles Turner but may have found a gem in Oshae Brissett. He was rewarded with a 3-year contract and had his best game against the Thunder scoring 23 points and 12 rebounds. Caris LeVert has continued his strong return to the court as he added 28 points against the Thunder.

20) Washington Wizards Record 25-33 Previous 23

The Washington Wizards jump three spots as they have won six straight and won all of their games this week. In their best game of the week both of their top guards out played Steph Curry. Bradley Beal added 29 points and Russell Westbrook added a triple double with 14 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists.

Week 16 NBA Power Rankings 21-30

21) Toronto Raptors Record 25-34 Previous 22

A strong 4-1 week for the Toronto Raptors. A great piece by one of our writers on the emergence of Gary Trent Jr.

22) New Orleans Pelicans Record 25-33 Previous 20

It was a disappointing week for the Pelicans as they went 0-4. They need to turn it around to have a chance with the play-in tournament. The league wants Zion in the playoffs, but on the bright side, his new shoes came out this week.

23) Chicago Bulls Record 24-34 Previous 21

The Bulls made a big splash when they traded for Vucevic, but unfortunately it has not turned in to a bunch of wins for the Bulls. The Bulls are 2-3 on the week and need a push to make the play-in tournament. They do have a nice duo going forward in Zach Lavine and Vucevic though.

24) Sacramento Kings Record 24-35 Previous 25

The Kings are coming off a 2-3 week and still are trying to find their way under coach Luke Walton. I do enjoy betting the over on Buddy Hield over 3.5 threes per game.

25) Cleveland Cavaliers Record 21-37 Previous 24

The Cavs went 2-3 week and had a surprising victory over the Chicago Bulls. They need to add more weapons around Colin Sexton and figure out how to move Kevin Love‘s contract.

26) Oklahoma City Thunder Record 20-39 Previous 26

The Oklahoma City Thunder have lost 12 straight games. Yes, you read that right. 12 straight games. They are playing a lot of young guys and their plan is to make a bunch of big splashes in the draft.

27) Minnesota Timberwolves Record 16-44 Previous 27

The Minnesota Timberwolves are starting to build a team around Karl Anthony-Towns, Russell and #1 pick Anthony Edwards. They should look to add another high pick and make some veteran signings to keep the nucleus in tact.

28) Orlando Magic Record 18-40 Previous 28

Once the Orlando Magic got rid of Aaron Gordon, you knew which way their season was going to go. The Magic are playing for the future.

29) Detroit Pistons Record 18-41 Previous 29

The Detroit Pistons are at the bottom of the East and are striving to hold off the Magic.

30) Houston Rockets Record 15-44 Previous 30

The Rockets went 1-4 on the week and are looking for the future. They have made a ton of moves on the year and have positioned themselves well, if they can succeed in the draft.

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