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UFC Vegas 25: Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson Fight Breakdown and Preview

The world is still not over UFC 261, the event that would give us the biggest moment in combat sports since COVID-19 began. This week, we have another treat for fight fans when Dominick Reyes faces off against Jiri Prochazka. Before the main event commences, we have a co-main event for the ages in Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson. The Georgia native is looking to truly solidify his country onto the MMA map with a win against the featherweight’s finest in “Killer Cub” Swanson. Let us break down each fighter’s abilities and techniques going into what is certain to be an absolute war.

Giga Chikadze

Georgia stand up! Chikadze is riding a seven-fight win streak and will be looking for a number behind his name if he defeats this battle-tested MMA veteran. Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson is a matchup you do not want to miss, and with both athletes having such unique techniques when fighting inside the octagon, we can be sure to witness a battle for the ages.

Chikadze is a kickboxing genius, he sets up high kicks with low kicks and uses his feints to open up his opponent’s centerline. Do not let his striking background fool you. Chikadze, although he only has one victory by way of submission, is more than capable on the ground. Giga is a force to be reckoned with on the feet and should keep Cub out of comfort throughout the contest, however, Swanson knows how to get what he wants. Although unlikely, if “Ninja” were to miss a strike, he may very well pay for it.

Cub Swanson

The man who has done almost everything achievable in this sport, “Killer” Swanson is looking to add a third victory to his win streak if he beats top prospect Chikadze. Cub is known for taking out “the next big thing” when it comes to the UFC but Giga is truly a fighter to behold in the striking realm, so there must be patience and composure as is always seen with the veteran.

Swanson has one hell of a resume and adding a rising kickboxing star to it puts him one step closer to getting a title shot. Cub can put the pressure on whenever he wants and that will be his biggest advantage heading into this contest. He can counter strike on the back foot just as good as he can on the front foot, his unorthodox style could cause some hesitation in Chikadze’s rhythm.

“Killer” Cub will be looking to use his pressure to push Chikadze back and then take him down. Although a finish is favourable for both fighters, a dominant decision would still be seen as more than impressive and with Both men being able to put a clinic on in their own respective styles, we can be sure that Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson will be fireworks.

Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson: The Breakdown

One of the greatest fight night co-main events is upon us in Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson and with both men looking to make a statement, let’s take a look at how each man could pull off a victory. “Killer” Cub Swanson is impressive in every aspect, he is the epitome of a mixed martial artist and his unorthodox style has the potential to completely throw the Georgian off. Swanson will be looking to get it to the ground and will either use dominant top pressure to earn a decision victory or exhaust Chikadze to the point where he could give up a position, leading to a submission victory for the veteran.

A finish on the feet is not to be counted out by Cub, as this game is unpredictable and Swanson has power in every strike in his arsenal. Chikadze will be looking to manage distance with deep kicks and possibly dismantle Swanson by attacking his legs which have caused him trouble in the past. Chikadze is so consistent in striking performances and with this one-on-one against a big name in the sport, he might just be on the fast track to title contention. There is potential for Giga to show some grappling defense, but there is also no need for him to find himself in dangerous positions if he utilizes his techniques properly. Thank you for joining me in this Giga Chikadze vs Cub Swanson fight breakdown and preview.

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