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Golden State Superstar Steph Curry Keeps Breaking Records in 2020-21

When it comes to the NBA GOAT debate, it’s a case of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James. It’s no surprise, as the two are both true legends of the game. What is surprising is that Steph Curry’s name is somehow always left out of the conversation. Sure, he might not be an all-around player like the other two, nor did he win as many MVP awards as them. However, he’s achieved many things that the two main GOAT candidates didn’t. For instance, he holds the NBA record for most three-pointers in a regular season and superstar Steph Curry keeps breaking other records. Just this month, we’ve seen him breaking a couple of NBA records.

NBA Records Superstar Steph Curry Broke in April

On Monday, April 19, Steph Curry almost singlehandedly demolished the 76ers. He scored 49 points in that game, helping the Golden State Warriors win by 9 point difference (106-97). Apart from leading his team to another win, Curry also engraved his name in the NBA history books in that game by breaking the following records:

Most 30+ point games straight by a player age 33 or older (with 11 straight games, Curry broke Kobe Bryant’s record)
Most 30+ point games in a month by a player over 33 (with 5 games, he broke the record previously held by Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan)
Most three-pointers scored in a 5-game stretch (Curry scored 46 threes in five games in the period April 12-19)
Most games with 10+ threes in a single season (Curry has scored 10 or more three-pointers in 7 games so far)
Those are just some of the records he’s broken this April. The list is even longer when it comes to the records he’s set since the start of the 2020-21 season.

Other Milestones Curry’s Reached This Season

Superstar Steph Curry is the king of threes, so it’s not surprising that most of the records he’s broken this season are related to three-pointers. For instance, he’s surpassed Reggie Miller on the all-time threes list. Miller held the record for years, with a total of 2,560 threes scored in his career. However, since the game against Utah, Golden State’s superstar is the new record holder.

When it comes to records not related to three-pointers (at least not directly), Curry did make one historic achievement this season. He became the Warriors’ all-time points leader this season, leaving legendary Wilt Chamberlain behind.

Chamberlain scored a total of 17,783 points while playing for the Warriors from 1959 to 1965. At the moment of writing, Curry’s tally is approaching 18,000 points.

Despite His Record-Breaking Season, Curry’s Not One of the MVP Favorites

Even though he is having a fantastic season, Curry isn’t thought of as one of the MVP favorites. The reason is that some other players (e.g., Nikola Jokic) have been even better.

With the season slowly closing in, his chance of getting his third regular-season MVP award in the career looks slim. In fact, oddsmakers are giving odds of about +2000 on Curry.

He might not have a chance to win the MVP award in the regular season, but who knows what might happen in the postseason. If he continues playing like this, it’s very likely his team will qualify for the Playoffs.

The question is how far can they go in the Playoffs. With Klay Thompson out with an injury, the Warriors are effectively a one-man army. Even with Curry playing top-class basketball, his team does not seem capable of winning the title.

Brooklyn Nets are favored to win the 2021 NBA Championship with +250 odds. In comparison, Curry’s Warriors are given +10000 odds.

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