Buffalo Sabres Great Ryan Miller Retires After 18 Seasons

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2010 Olympic Great Ryan Miller Retires

After 18 seasons in the NHL, former Vezina winning goaltender Ryan Miller will retire at the end of the 2020-2021 NHL season. We are likely to see similar news within the next few years or less about goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Overall, Miller had a great career in the NHL, though unfortunately has spent much of his time on non-contending teams. His career has been marked by a couple of accomplishments including winning 390 games, playing tremendously in the 2010 Olympics, and as mentioned before, winning a Vezina trophy.

In addition, he ended his career with a .916 save percentage which is a good number to hold in that category as a goalie in the NHL. He began his time playing for the Buffalo Sabres and stayed there for a number of years before heading to the St. Louis Blues, the Vancouver Canucks, and then finally ending his career in Anaheim Ducks. Spending multiple years everywhere he went except for with the Blues which he only spent part of a season in.

It is unfortunate for him though, as his final season was a wreck statistically with a well under .900 save percentage and an above 3.50 goals-against average. Keep in mind that the Ducks are in rebuild mode so there are issues elsewhere on the team also and they are not in a position to succeed. Putting in perspective how long-lasting his career was he started in the league in the 2002-2003 season. His 18-year career has been one of sustained.  If there is one stat that really blows the mind, it’s that Miller saved a combined 21,621 shots in his career.  

As always this website hopes the best for retiring players and in this case Ryan Miller and his future endeavors outside of the NHL. The MSU grad can make Michigan proud of yet another player from the NHL. Every career has to come to an end but Miller has a lot to be proud of and can look forward to the rest of his life.

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