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Going to a baseball game is a uniquely wonderful experience. When looking at all of the great food options for an MLB ranking, one is immediately transported to their favorite stadium. From hearing the vendors yelling peanuts to singing about Peanuts and Cracker Jacks, food plays a critical role in the sport.

MLB Rankings: #8 – Cotton Candy

Sure, cotton candy is delicious, but honestly, it can be too sweet and is absolutely too sticky. When children eat it, they are going to be wild for the next hour which can be a frightening mix of adorable and terrifying.

MLB Rankings: #7 – Sunflower Seeds

So the ranking is starting off with a “food” enjoyed more by the players than the fans. But growing up, one constant at every youth baseball game are packets of David’s sunflower seeds. Some like to put a whole bag full in the mouth while others go at them one at a time. Regardless of how you enjoy the seeds, just about every player, from the majors to the sandlots, is ready for the salty snack.

MLB Ranking: #6 – Nachos

The nacho is an underrated ballgame snack. Sure it is basically just chips and some sort of cheese sauce, but eating it at a baseball game always elevates it to the next level. Unfortunately, it does drop a couple of spots due to its difficulty in catching a ball.

MLB Rankings: #5 – The Chicken Bucket

The chicken bucket profiles as a middle of the lineup hitter. A solid meal that can drive in runs despite not being the flashiest player at the concession stand. Bonus points if served with french fries. Super-bonus points if the bucket surrounds a drink

MLB Rankings: #4 – Peanuts and Cracker Jack

While most think of a movie theatre when thinking about popcorn, cover it with caramel and molasses flavoring and throw a toy in the box and suddenly you’re thinking of a baseball game. Bonus points for fans across MLB singing about them during the 7th inning stretch.

MLB Rankings: #3 – Pretzel

The pretzel has been a baseball fan favorite for over a century. A giant soft pretzel is easy to hold, for foul ball purposes, and can come with an assortment of dipping sauces/toppings. Plus, if you are getting roasted for what you are wearing at a baseball game on a date, you can save yourself by splitting a soft pretzel.

MLB Rankings: #2 – The Hot Dog

One of the first steps for most baseball fans as they enter the stadium is the nearest hot dog stand. Naturally, MLB stadiums have capitalized on this trend and dollar dog night has become the most loved theme night in the sport. The hot dog is also elevated by teams that customize it to fit the local geographical area. Baltimore has crab mac N cheese, Cincy covers theirs with skyline chili while both Chicago teams serve the Chicago-style hot dog.

Plus, almost everyone loves a hot dog shot out of a cannon.

MLB Ranking: #1 – Soft Serve Ice Cream

Perhaps the ultimate dessert, eating ice cream at a baseball game is simply summer perfection. From the baseball pun flavors, like Graham Slam, to the perfect bowl, the mini helmet, getting ice cream at the stadium is a perfect cherry on top of a fantastic day. Plus it can be held with one hand, perfect for an incoming ball.

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