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Bellator 258: Michael Page vs Derek Anderson Breakdown and Preview

Britains biggest superstar is back and he faces a worthy foe who is looking to finally get the recognition he deserves. Michael Page vs Derek Anderson kicks off our Bellator 258 main card and gives both men a chance to showcase their incredible arsenal of flashy moves and calculated techniques. Let us discuss the abilities that both competitors possess, heading into what will be a barnburner of a fight.

A Look at the Fighters

Michael Page: The one known as “Venom” makes his return on May 7th to face a formidable opponent. Michael Page vs Derek Anderson is a matchup the fans didn’t know they needed and with the English prospect looking to prove to the world that he is more than capable of defeating world-class opponents, he faces a man who has almost done it all in Bellator.

Page throws so many unorthodox strikes and his knees, on both the back foot and the front foot, are devastating. If you want to wrestle with “Venom” you have to be smart. Michael exaggerates his feints to the point that when he actually throws these crazy strikes, his opponents can’t even process whether or not he is going to execute it.

“MVP” has a track record of exciting knockouts and theatrical celebrations. He has broken skulls and damaged careers, with a win against a veteran like Anderson, he will finally be considered as championship-worthy. Derek is no easy feat though and will look to derail the hype of Page’s return to the cage.

Derek Anderson: Michael Page vs Derek Anderson gives “The Barbaric” a chance to show the world what he is capable of. Coming off six decision matches of which he won four, Anderson headed into his last fight on a lifeline, he went on to win in impressive fashion where he scored a soccer kick knockout to earn himself a matchup against the promotions biggest prospect.

Knowing that Derek holds two victories over Patricky Freire is enough to understand how much of a threat he is to “Venom” Page. Anderson is incredibly patient and will look to use his jab and leg kicks to keep Michael against the cage, however, keeping Page back is difficult enough so Derek will have to up the pace whilst not exaggerating the pressure.

Anderson will look to take Page down on an unorthodox strike attempt, from there he wants to put the pressure on with ground and pound and maybe even work for an arm-bar or guillotine, his signature submissions. He shouldn’t let up on the grappling pressure as fatiguing “MVP” is the key to stop those crazy strikes that he loves to throw so much.

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson Breakdown

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson will be technical warfare. Using the knowledge we have just gained, let us break down this exciting matchup. Unpredictable is the perfect word to describe this fight, if Anderson can throw fewer feints and engage with “Venom” without overextending or staying on the centerline he might be able to work for a takedown. Page is more than capable of getting back to his feet but this could definitely cause fatigue which will lead to him losing his best weapon, his cardio.

Michael doesn’t want to miss these crazy strikes he throws as Anderson will make him pay but it only takes one shot to put a fighter away. Michael Page vs Derek Anderson will be a chess match where “Venom” will use calculated strikes to avoid grappling exchanges and possibly get the finish. “The Barbaric” will look to up the pace but not the pressure as matching this will give Page the fight he is looking for which will allow him to use his tools to his heart’s content.

Thank you for joining me in this Michael Page vs Derek Anderson fight breakdown and preview. Leave your predictions in the comments below!

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