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ONE Fighter Phoe Thaw Abducted Following Bomb Explosion

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The country of Myanmar has been suffering from extreme violence since February of this year. Many people have died during protests because of the military’s excessive use of force. Among the victims of the very unfortunate situation is the 36-year-old ONE Championship lightweight contender, Phoe Thaw (8-2-0).

ONE Championship fighter Phoe Thaw was rushed to the hospital after getting caught by a bomb blast at the Myanmar Utopia Tower yesterday, May 5, 2021. While being treated for severe burns, SAC military terrorists barged into the hospital and abducted him and his brother, Kaung Si Thu, a Myanmar national football player.

Phoe Thaw Severely Injured as Three Bombs Explode

The last time Phoe Thaw was seen shortly after his operation | Photo from Phoe Thaw’s manager.

Around 10 PM in KanDawGyi near Victoria Tower, Phoe Thaw was seriously injured from a bomb blast containing three explosions and taken to hospital. Shortly after 3 AM local time, it was reported that a team of SAC military terrorists charged the North Akkalpa General Hospital and abducted Phoe Thaw and his brother just right after his operation.

There was no stated motive for the abduction, but a huge reason may be because of Phoe Thaw being a wanted man for the Myanmar SAC Military. Phoe Thaw has been very vocal on speaking out against the dictatorship that has been causing suffering to the people of Myanmar over the last few months.

The whereabouts of Phoe Thaw and his brother Kaung Si Thu are currently unknown as neither has been seen since the abduction. We will keep you updated as and when more information is available.

We all here at Overtime Heroics wish Phoe Thaw and his family a safe return.

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Phoe Thaw Abducted Phoe Thaw Abducted Phoe Thaw Abducted Phoe Thaw Abducted

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