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ONE Dangal: Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam Breakdown and Preview

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ONE Championship returns on the 15th of May and looks to put on more amazing matches for fans around the world. One fight, in particular, is a Catchweight bout between two Indian warriors. Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam steps into the cage on May 15th with everything on the line, as is always the case with ONE championship fights. Both will be willing to show heart, will, and determination. Let us discuss the techniques and abilities each man posses heading into what will certainly be a fight of the night candidate.

A Look At the Fighters

Gurdarshan Mangat is an animal, as his nickname states. “Saint Lion” is one of the promotions’ most well-rounded athletes with 10 finishes, five each in submissions and KO/TKO’s, and he also boasts five decision victories. Mangat’s record shows how durable and powerful he is, his ability on the ground is almost unmatched. Mangat wastes no time in the cage and will open up with an unorthodox move, whether it is a switch kick to the head or a takedown attempt to transition to his opponent’s back.

The first minute of a “Saint Lion” fight is the most unpredictable, he can pull moves out nowhere and can put his opponent away in the blink of an eye. He displays incredible patience and heading into his next bout he will definitely need to use his calculated striking to time Mainam’s entries.

Roshan Mainam will be looking to add a fourth win to his current win streak but the task ahead of him is possibly his most difficult yet. “The Indian Notorious” has an arsenal full of submissions and can have his opponents on the edge of consciousness in a matter of seconds. Mainam will look to exhaust Mangat with feints that could draw power shots out of him. He won’t hesitate to jump on a fatigued opponent to grab the back and snatch a neck.

The respect heading into this bout is extremely high, something very common in ONE Championship. Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam sees two men with such unique techniques square off to prove who is the more elite athlete. “Saint Lion” is looking to rebound off of his first submission loss and has a tough test ahead of him but neither man will fall without giving their all.

Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam Breakdown

Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam sees two men willing to put everything on the line to prove their greatness to the world. Mangat can throw the most devastating strikes from the most obscure angles whereas Mainam can look to be in trouble, then mere seconds later be grabbing hooks to secure his signature rear-naked choke. “Saint Lion” has devastating right crosses and works the body efficiently which is the key to defeating his opponent on May 15th.

If Mangat stays on the centerline while performing moves that could put him off balance, then “The Indian Notorious” will definitely capitalise. Mainam under extends his overhands to make his opponents bite, he also uses parry counters better than most athletes do in the entire sport. When exiting the clinch, Mainam grabs the forearm and lunges towards the upper body to create the illusional of re-entering the clinch, however, he beautifully shoots for the takedown and usually gets it.

It is obvious where Mainam wants the fight but as is always the case with wrestle heavy fighters, the power in his hands can throw his opponents off guard, and with takedown feints, we could just see a huge upset knockout. Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam has the potential to be the fight of the night but with a card full of the promotions most elite athletes, it really is hard to say. One thing for certain is that both men will be putting on a show, and be looking for a finish.

ONE Dangal takes place on May 15th. Be sure to tune in to Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam, and watch these warriors battle it out in the cage.

Thank you for joining me in this Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam breakdown and preview. Leave your predictions in the comments down below!

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Gurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan MainamGurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan MainamGurdarshan Mangat vs Roshan Mainam

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