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LFA 107: Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain Breakdown and Preview

LFA is back and looks to add another classic event to their already impressive resume in 2021. Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain gives us a showcase featherweight matchup where not only can one of these men progress to the title, they could potentially have a chance in the world’s biggest combat sports promotion.

Swain looks to rebound after a doctor stoppage TKO loss in his attempt to reach the UFC on Dana White’s Contender Series, whereas Kirk looks to start a winning streak after a comeback victory against Guilherme Santos at LFA 97. Now, let’s go in-depth and take a look at the techniques and abilities both men possess heading into this featherweight clash!

A Look At the Fighters

Kamuela Kirk heads into this fight, coming off of an impressive first-round TKO finish. The LFA mainstay looks to excite the world with a showcase performance on May 14th with an impressive win, and not only will he potentially compete for the promotion’s title but he may just get some attention from the UFC. Kirk is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt but has remarkable power in his hands, making him a threat almost everywhere in the cage.

Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain shows two competitors who will not quit, and with a ground game as decorated as these fighters have, we could be in for either a grappling masterpiece or a dominant striking showcase. Kirk can definitely show his amazing skills if the fight hits the canvas but will benefit hugely with keeping the bout standing.

Daniel Swain is a much better fighter than his record shows. Swain sets up his kicks beautifully and can throw them from any angle, the highlights of his ground game come when he is on the defense. “Agent Orange” can get swept and transition straight into triangle chokes or even leg locks. It is not safe in many areas when facing Swain, however, the clinch has proven to be majorly successful for some of his previous opponents.

Swain will eat big strikes just to grab hold of a submission. With a black belt as decorated as Kirk, defensive chokes won’t be easy to attempt, let alone have success with. Both men have major advantages on the ground, but the striking is really underrated for both men. Swain throws lead kicks off of his lead hooks, whereas Kirk likes to double up but change position. Both men might find themselves clashing with such unorthodox strikes, which could lead to some interesting scrambles.

Going into Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain, feints have the potential to be a game-changer. None of these athletes seems to bite on slight motions, but if they can be exaggerated to a certain extent, we may see something interesting play out. For the feints to be used effectively, they must be incorporated with the kicks, whether that is high or low.

Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain Breakdown

Using the knowledge we have just gained, let us talk about how each man can get it done when it comes to fight night. Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain looks to showcase two featherweight warriors who have very similar styles and no quit. Kirk throws nasty elbows and uses his high pace in such a unique way.

The pressure that “The Jawaiian” has is extremely high level. When he has his opponents hurt, he swarms them but doesn’t waste his energy, he takes a moment and calculates his strikes to break through the guard of the opposition. Danger will come if the fight hits the ground. Swain won’t let Kirk up easy, but this won’t faze “The Jawaiian”. His offensive grappling style opposes that of “Agent Orange”, so when he does get in trouble, he will not hesitate to make progressive transitions.

Swain thrives off of opposing momentum, he uses it to make slight adjustments in his hips where he can easily secure submissions. The kicks are what makes this fight so interesting, “Agent Orange” will start a combo with a lead high kick and finish it by attempting a sweep or clinching up. “The Jawaiian” loves to double and sometimes even triple up on his strikes, the way he does so is beautiful. Kirk can throw a regular roundhouse to the body, then a front kick to the face, and go on to end the combination with an oblique leg kick. Kirk could look to attempt a finish on the ground, but with such decorated striking, the chances are unlikely.

Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain Is going to be fireworks, there is no doubt about it. There are so many unique abilities and techniques to look out for in this amazing featherweight contest. Thank you for joining me in this Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain breakdown, be sure to tune into LFA 107 Friday, May 14th where we have not only an amazing main card but an extremely promising prelim showcase with some promising prospects to watch!

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