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BRAVE CF 51: Marcel Grabinski – A Mother’s Love

Marcel Grabinski will be the first to tell you that the early years of a young man’s life are a confusing and difficult time. It is a time of finding your place in the world. Literally by understanding where you are from, absorbing cultural and historical notions, and how things function around, and figuratively with character development, self-understanding, and personality development being key to one’s individual growth. But of course, given the complexity of the situation and how high the stakes are, it’s not smooth sailing for everyone.

BRAVE Combat Federation’s Marcel Grabinski can vouch that he’s experienced a bumpy road himself. Grabinski was born in Germany and lost his father when he was young, leading to him struggling to find his own identity as a teenager.

One of the key reasons for Grabinski’s development and his personal stronghold is his relationship with his mother. Grabinski revealed that even now that he’s married and having a house of his own and his own family, not only does he call his mom daily, he visits her pretty much every single day.

Their strong bond was a major factor in recent times as Ms. Grabinski, unfortunately, has faced several health complications over the last few years, which she overcame with the support of her beloved son.

Being from Germany, with football as the most popular sport in the country, it’s no surprise that Grabinski laced up boots and spent most of his younger days on a football pitch. Something that he did with great success. So much so that he says that even to this day, some of his friends question him on why he left the sport.

But everything in Marcel Grabinski’s life changed when he turned 16 and he had his first contact with mixed martial arts. “I loved watching Bruce Lee movies and I even trained Karate when I was 6, but eventually left. When I was 16 I found my way back to martial arts when I was introduced to MMA. As they say, old love doesn’t rust!”, Grabinski said.

Marcel Grabinski: Rising Talent

Marcel Grabinski  and Issa Isakov
Marcel Grabinski on his way to victory against Issa Isakov on his BRAVE debut at BRAVE 50

Since his return to MMA, he has transformed into one of the brightest stars in European MMA. He’s a two-division champion in Germany, and possibly the next big thing in BRAVE Combat Federation.

After forging through a struggling identity with the support of a loving mom, Marcel Grabinski’s passion for mixed martial arts will face the biggest test of his entire career. On June 4th he takes on the former world champion Lucas “Mineiro” Martins in the main event of BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here. This will be his first international headliner going down in Minsk, Belarus, which takes place in association with Rukh Sport Management.

BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here will be available live and free worldwide on the BRAVE CF TV website.

BRAVE CF 51 Event Poster

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